SweetBeatTV & Radio Disney Chat With the Stars Of "Teen Beach 2"!

The latest episode of SweetBeatTV takes us to the premiere of Disney Channel'Teen Beach 2 with our host Alex Schiffman, intern Madie Clinard, and Radio Disney's Candice in tow! Watch our interviews with the stars and check out some of our fav moments below.

First off, Madie hosted the carpet and was an instant pro.

madie clinard teen beach 2 red carpet

What two words would Ross Butler use to describe Teen Beach 2? "Laugh" and, oddly enough, "cry."

ross butler says teen beach 2 will make you laugh and cry

Jordan Fisher talks about girl power: "You look at Oprah and all these powerful women that have really changed the world because they believed in themselves."

jordan fisher girl power on teen beach 2 carpet

John DeLuca: "I think the movie's a great reminder of just remembering who you are as an individual amongst whatever group you're in."

john deluca tlaks girl power on teen beach 2 carpet

Mollee Gray encourages us all to forget gender roles, get out there and learn how to be powerful, whoever we are!

mollee gray loves the movie hairspray teen beach 2 red carpet

We're not alone in thinking Ross Lynch would be the perfect star in Moulin Rouge.

ross lynch would love to start in moulin rouge teen beach 2 carpet

And of course, his R5 band mate Ellington Ratiff would love to be in Cats!

ellington ratliff from r5 would love to be in the musical cats teen beach 2 red carpet

Mollee Gray brings back the girl empowerment with her love of Hairspray.

mollee gray talks about girl power on teen beach 2 carpet

What's your favorite moment from the episode? Let us know in the comments and check out more great Teen Beach 2 news below!