The "Teen Beach 2" Cast's Animated Disney Makeover!

The biggest summer movie of the year is just around the corner! Teen Beach 2 premieres this Friday, June 26 on the Disney Channel and it's destined to be yet another Disney classic. In fact, the stars totally remind us of some of our favorite animated Disney heroes. Do you see the resemblance?

Maia Mitchell's Mack is a dead ringer for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Both characters are bookworms with a passion for life who defy the odds for love!

Brady, played by Ross Lynch, has the same swagger and penchant for breaking the rules as John Smith. Plus, they share some amazing blond hair.

Just like the original Disney princess Snow White, Lela (Grace Phipps) is totally old fashioned, with a classic style and unending kindness for anyone she meets.

Tanner, played by Garrett Clayton, is basically the Prince Charming of Teen Beach 2. He's a total romantic who cares more about his looks than his brains, and he's definitely the guy who'll come to the rescue when the time comes for it.

Seacat (Jordan Fisher) and Prince Naveen are not the most responsible guys in the world, but they're certainly both charming with a love for fun. Not to mention their smiles are to die for, and they both rock stylish hats!

Chrissie Fit's character CheeChee is brace with a fierce independent streak that Jasmine would definitely relate with. Plus, of the Disney princesses, only Jasmine could pull off her incredible updo.

Last but not least, the ever-smiling and adorable Giggles, played by Mollee Gray, is basically Rapunzel's doppelgänger.

Who's your favorite character from Teen Beach 2, and how excited are you to see the movie? Share with us in the comments!