Teen Beach Movie 2 Gets Greenlit By Disney!

Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell fans have something huge to celebrate now that Disney Channel has greenlit Teen Beach Movie 2!

This sequel to last summer's Disney Channel Original Movie hit begins production in July. It will air on the Disney Channel in summer of 2015!

Teen Beach Movie 2 will take place a few months after McKenzie and Brady's incredible experience in the first film after they get transported to the world of Brady's favorite movie, Wet Side Story. Back in their normal lives, they are surprised to be visited by their surfer and biker pals from the film, who washed ashore in the real world at the end of the previous movie!

The movie will feature the stars from the original film, including Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton and John DeLuca. It's so exciting to know they are set to return for this sequel!

Might the Teen Beach Movie series be the next High School Musical craze? We'll just have to wait until next summer to find out!

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