7 Reasons Why High School Crushes Are the Best

When you're young, it's easy to take crushes for granted.

Everywhere you turn, there's someone you always smile at in the hallway, someone you giggle with in class, even someone who playfully teases you in a way that you kind of enjoy.

But spoiler alert: As you get older, people become less and less your type and relationships and dating becomes so much more serious. That's why we will always treasure the good ol' days of high school crushes.

Keep reading for our reasons why!

1. We Are Far Less Picky When We're Younger

When we're in our teens, it really feels like there are so many potential love interests, so little time. Most of us haven't really nailed down our type yet, so pretty much anyone who makes us laugh, flashes a killer smile after they bum a piece of gum from us in class or hangs out with someone even remotely in the cool group, has us sold.

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2. It's So Much Easier to Get Over High School Crushes

When we're in our teens, yes, we become totally head over heels for a person we're crushing on, but because there is an endless flow of possibilities, it's quite easy for us to jump from one crush to the next without even flinching. Once you're an adult, your feelings for seemingly harmless crushes will indeed crush you hard if the person doesn't reciprocate the same thoughts. With fewer ways to meet people, it's easy to get hung up on just one person for a really long time.


3. There Is a Constant Flow of Eligible People to Date

Whether in our after-school job or in our one of approximately seven classes, there is always a slew of people to flirt with or crush on. Each semester, there's a whole new set of potentials and each year there are always the new kids. And with all the assigned partnering for school projects, you have a chance to get close to people quite quickly.

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4. Everyone Is So Much Cuter When We're Young

There is something so precious about the way you look as a teen. Sure, there may be braces and some acne, but because everyone exudes a sense of youthfulness, teens can be so much cuter than adults. And because we really haven't nailed down our type as a teen, we're so much more open to different ways people look.

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5. We Have Many More Opportunities to Have Crushes

Once you become an adult, the main ways to meet new people are through work or friends, but that can be limiting because so many people are already in relationships. As a teen, you have all your classes, jobs and extracurricular activities to catch someone's eye or at least have someone to get excited about seeing.


6. You Have Way Easier Opportunities to Talk to Your Crush

Between small talk with your locker neighbor, being partnered up in class with the ultimate babe or having mutual friends with your person of the moment, the potential to talk to your crush is very high. And because everyone in grade school casually interacts with each other on social media, you can totally start there if all else fails.

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7. New Potential Love Interests Become Single at a Very Quick Rate

Unlike when you become an adult, teen relationships tend to rise and fall pretty quickly. So just because someone is off limits today, chances are it will not be too long until that person is back on the market for you to swoop on in!


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