Meet the Girls Who Created These 5 Beauty and Accesories Companies as Teens

Many people have their hearts and dreams set on owning their own companies and starting their own brands someday just like celeb Kylie Jenner did with Kylie Cosmetics.

But it turns out you don't have to be a famous teen in order to make those dreams become a reality.

Take a look at the companies of these inspiring girls who became the co-founders and CEOs of their very own brands and businesses all while juggling the typical struggles of high school:

Zandra Beauty

Zandra is an entrepreneur—or teenprepeur—who began growing her business at the age of 9. According to her story, she began making her own lip balm after her father wouldn't let her use any on her own. After selling her initial products, including balms and body butters, at local farmer's markets, she grew her business into the Zandra Beauty that you see today.

Her emphasis is on making natural products that not only smell nice but feel good on the skin, too. Each of her products are named with an empowering slogan to remind girls just how amazing they are. She makes everything from hair and body souffles, to scrubs, body wash and deodorant.

To top it all off, Zandra donates up to 10% of her net profits towards girls' education. This is a teen who truly knows what she wants, and wants to help girls everywhere obtain it, too.



This company is a total family affair. Teen sisters Ally and Taylor teamed up with their mom and chemical engineer, Jenny, to create a line of all-natural makeup to enhance our own inherent beauty. You won't find vibrant, bold colors in this line, because their mission is to finish off the all-natural look with neutral tones.

The sisters were in high school when they put their heads together with the help of their mom to create a line of makeup pencils for effortless, on-the-go use. As they state on their website, their products are Crayola-meets-Chanel.

On the NUDESTIX site you'll find pencils for face, lips and eyes that come in sleek black cases accompanied by a mirror and sharpener for whenever selfie-inspiration strikes. These sisters are definitely achieving the less-is-more look that everyone is after these days. On top of the glam look, their products are gluten-free, cruelty-free and paraben-free, which is a major moral bonus!



At Beauteque, an online mask marketplace, you can become a Maskinista! While in high school, Elina discovered that her skin didn't take well to the chemicals and unsavory ingredients used in many cosmetics products. She turned to Asian skincare lines because the main ingredients included natural, plant-based elements such as soy beans and green tea. She loved the way these natural products felt on her skin and wanted to share them with others. After creating a business model for her investors (her parents), she proved that she had the prowess to launch her own company and introduce more natural skincare products to the larger public.

Boasting over 800 different masks for every skin type, Beauteque not only aims to share these natural products, but also intends to become a sort of mentor for its customers. Through teaching the history of masks, staying on trend with the latest enhancements and discoveries and communicating with her customers, Elina is taking a hands-on approach to teen skincare.

This is by far the largest marketplace for masks I've ever perused on the internet. Thanks to the easy-to-follow filters, you don't lose out on quality while searching through the enormous quantity this site has to offer.


Emi Jay

When Emily and Julianne were in 8th grade they began making their own hair ties. Since then, their fashion accessories line, Emi Jay, has grown from hair accessories to apparel. As teens, the duo was obsessed with hair accessories and explored every corner from their moms' jewelry boxes to fabric stores hoping to create new trending looks.

Their brand has gotten the attention of many prominent people and only six years after embarking on their founding journey the two friends have had the opportunity to collaborate with other brands such as Stila and Splendid, and they were featured three times on Oprah's Favorite Things.

From adorable hair ties to trending tees, these girls are the epitome of fashion-forward.


Stoney Clover Lane

Sisters Kendall and Libby started making bracelets on the floor of their bedrooms before luck swept them up in a storm of celeb support. After Tweeting celebrities and giving away some bracelets that they sold to friends and family, they caught the attention of everyone from Kardashians to Miley Cyrus.

Their designs were originally limited to beads and charms, but now their brand, Stoney Clover Lane—named for the street they grew up on—is home to other accessories like patches, pins, temporary tattoos and even bags. Whatever accessory you choose, you'll find they each have an emphasis on girl power and culture, as well as a nod towards travel.

Nah nah nah nah, can't clutch this.

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As if their brand's success wasn't enough, these girls also donate a portion of their profits to the Dream Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally ill adults. These sisters not only made their dreams come true, but are helping people around the country gain the resources they need to make their dreams come true, too.


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