These Characters Need To Return To "Teen Wolf" For Season 5

Teen Wolf returns for its fifth season on Monday, June 29 on MTV, which can't come soon enough. Holland Roden, who plays Lydia, hinted that some past characters may be back this season. And we know just the characters that should make their return to Beacon Hills. [SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen Teen Wolf, some serious info about certain characters will be revealed!]

Danny was always one of our favorite characters and we totally missed him when he just sort of disappeared from the show. Now's the time for him to return and in a huge way. We think Danny should come back as a werewolf to join Scott's pack in order to help fight off the villains of season 5. His strength and overall likability would be a huge asset this season.

This is a promotional image of Keahu Kahuanui. He is wearing a blue sweater and looking at the camera. His hair is black.

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While bad guys tend to meet their demise on the show, that doesn't mean that they can't come back in the form of spirits. One baddie we'd really like to see again is Jennifer Blake, the freaky Darach who had us all fooled. We picture her coming back to season 5 as a ghost who ends up leading Scott to an important weapon that will ultimately defeat all of his enemies.

This is a screenshot from an episode of Teen Wolf. The screenshot is of the character Jennifer Blake. She is standing in front of a window in Derek's home. She is wearing all black and her hair is down.

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Derek will forever be our favorite Hale, but his sister Cora holds a special place in our hearts. She proved she was one kick-butt female werewolf and then she decided to go back to South America because she was kind of over all the drama in Beacon Hills. Can we blame her? But seriously, we need her back! With Peter Hale on a power hungry thirst to become the true Alpha, she has to come back to help Derek put Peter in his place…six feet below the ground.

This is a promotional shot from Teen Wolf of Cora Hale. She is standing in a blue tinted room in front of a window and a spiral staircase. She is wearing a black tank top and a red jacket. Her brown hair is down and she is looking off into space.

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Erica Reyes was one tough cookie and another female werewolf we really miss. She tried her best to fight off an Alpha, but she sadly didn't make it. We think the best way for her to come back is in pure wolf form as a sort of protector for Scott and his pack.

This is a screenshot from the show Teen Wolf. It is a photo of the character Erica Reyes. She is leaning against a wall. She is wearing a green tank top with a lace overshirt. Her hair is blonde and down. Her lips are red.

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If Erica gets to come back. so does her friend Boyd. Honestly, is anyone over his death? The only way to cure our heartbreak is to bring him back. We're going to say that his death didn't really happen and he faked it to get out of Beacon Hills for a while to go on a relaxing cruise around the world. But he realized his duty as a werewolf to protect the people of his town. Thus he makes a miraculous return when Scott needs him most and ultimately defeats the bad guys of the season.

This is a promotional shot of the character of Boyd on Teen Wolf. He is posing with his arms crossed and his body turned away from the camera a bit. He is wearing a blue and white shirt and has a brute look on his face.

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And how could we forget Isaac? Aside from being smoking hot, he was an important member of Scott's pack. After Allison's death (cries for an eternity), he left Beacon Hills to deal with his heartbreak. We're right there with you, Isaac. So how should Isaac make his glorious return? We think it'd be interesting to see him come back as a bad guy under the mind control of Peter Hale. He'd try and throw Scott off his game so Peter can regain his Alpha title, but he'd ultimately break free of Peter's control to defeat the tyrant.

This is a promotional shot of the character Isaac Lahey on Teen Wolf. He is looking away from the camera. He is wearing a blue jacket.

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Let's get real for a minute, none of us have yet to recover and we probably never will recover from the death of Allison Argent. We certainly cried uglier than Kim Kardashian when she died in Scott's arms. Our poor hearts! The best way for her to come back is as Kira's savior. She will appear as a spirit and shoot a mystical arrow at the bad guy to protect Kira. You go, Allison.

This is a promotional image of the character Allison Argent from Teen Wolf. She had arrows on her back. She is wearing a green jacket. Her lips are red and her hair is curled.

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Jackson Whittemore…where do we even begin? Basically we loved to hate him and just drooled over his good looks. Then he left to be an American werewolf in London. So now he has to come back to Beacon Hills with his own pack of hot British werewolves to give Scott and his pack some support in their final battle of the season.

This is a promotional shot of Jackson Whittemore from Teen Wolf. He is smirking at the camera. He is wearing a blue shirt with a black jacket over it. His hair is spiked up.

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Which Teen Wolf character do you think absolutely has to come back to the show? Let us know in the comments below.