Teen Wolf Stars Share What They Want To Happen For Their Characters

This past weekend in San Diego, Comi-Con was filled with tons of stars, including Teen Wolf's Crystal Reed, Tyler Posey, and Dylan O'Brien.

It was recently announced that Teen Wolf will be returning for a second season and everyone in the cast has their own version of what they want for the next season.

Crystal said she wants her character to go completely psycho in the coming episodes. "I want Allison to be nuts, crazy, schizo. That would be so much fun. Maybe she really can't handle the wolf-ness and goes crazy and has to be committed to an insane asylum."

Tyler Posey wants his character to "kill someone in a happy way." Guess we'll have to wait and find out what that means!

The hit TV series will begin filming season 2 around October, and we can't wait to see what the cast has in store for us!!