I Tried to Whiten My Teeth in Three Days—Here's What Happened

Growing up, I had yellow teeth. No matter how many times I would brush, gargle and floss, they just didn't seem to get whiter.

Then, when I was high school, I turned to teeth whitening and I never looked back.

Over the years I've tried several different brands and methods, but I'm still not entirely hooked on one.

Recently, I heard about Luster Premium White's 2 Minute White Dental Whitening Treatment and I knew I had to try it.

Luster Premium Teeth Whitener

(via Luster Premium White)

The appeal to me was that this treatment promises to whiten your teeth six shades in only three days (I know, wow).

Although my teeth are actually fairly white now that I've treated them over the years, I decided I would test out this product. Let's get to whitening!

How It Works

Before beginning the process, I gave the instructions a good run-through so that I wouldn't damage my teeth. The Luster Premium White package comes with two products—a Neutralizing Cleanser and Correct Whitening Serum.

To begin, you're supposed to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. Once you've done that, you're ready to get those teeth sparkling.

You start by rinsing your mouth with one tablespoon of the Neutralizing Cleanser and then rinsing for 10 seconds with water.

Next, you shake up your Correct Whitening Serum for 3-5 seconds and gently squeeze the serum onto each tooth one at a time. You then allow the product to dry on your teeth for 30 seconds before allowing your lips or tongue to touch them.

Now you wait! You repeat this treatment four times a day (I know, it's a lot) for three days until you've used all the product.

Here's what happened when I gave it a whirl.

Day One

Before putting any product on, I took the below picture to show you the state of my teeth. Although they are not nearly as yellow as when I was in high school, there are still problem areas that have been stained from coffee over the past few years.

Day one was pretty easy for me. I applied two applications in the morning and two at night. I loved that it was so quick and easy, and I didn't have to sit around and wait 30 minutes like you do with some at-home teeth whiteners.

Day one of Brittney whitening her teeth


Day Two

The below picture I took the second morning of my treatment before I had applied any product.

I don't know if it was just in my head, but, honestly, I thought my teeth looked at least a shade or two whiter after just one day.

My second day I failed slightly, and only did three out of the four treatments.

I decided I would make up for it on day three.

Day two of Brittney whitening her teeth


Day Three

Below is the after picture with three days of whitening treatment under my belt! This is the fastest teeth whitening process I've ever done, hands down.

This final day, I made sure to apply the product over each tooth and carefully let it dry before continuing on with my day. Taking the time to do the process correctly made a real difference, I think.

Day three of Brittney whitening her teeth



So here you have it—this is what my teeth looked like after just three days of whitening.

Dramatically whiter? No, but again, I've been whitening my teeth for some time.

Even though I didn't see a huge transformation, I did see some change. A couple of yellowish spots on my back teeth seemed to diminish and my front two teeth appeared whiter than they have in months.

Brittney after three days of whitening teeth

Would I recommend this? Absolutely. If you're a novice to teeth whitening, I think this is a really good treatment system to start with.

It wasn't too harsh on my teeth or gums and I never felt any discomfort while applying the product—it's only a bonus that it works so quickly!

If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, you're in luck because this system can easily be found at your local Walmart, K-mart, Target or Walgreens. Best part is it's only $12.99.

Happy whitening.


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