Tegan Marie has been making headlines on Just Jared Jr., Fanlala and Taste of Country after she sang “Love Me Like You Mean It” with Kelsea Ballerini. And she’s about to be the topic of EVERYONE’S holiday convos, after you listen to her very first single, “A Christmas Tree,” which she JUST released on iTunes. We got the exclusive from Tegan on why this single is so special to her, what her Christmas tree looks like and her family’s weird holiday tradition that involves a pickle!

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Sweety High: We’ve been listening to “A Christmas Tree” on repeat since we got our hands on it today! (GET IT HERE!)  What does the song mean to you?

Tegan Marie: It’s about being with family and close friends celebrating the holidays together.

SH: So what inspired you to record a Christmas song as your first single?

TM: Christmas songs are the catchiest songs EVER!!!!!

SH: And “A Christmas Tree” is one of the catchiest Christmas songs! Do you have a fave lyric from the song?

TM: Definitely “All that’s missing is a Christmas treeeeee!”?

SH: What was it like to go into the studio to record it?

TM: It was my first time in a professional studio and it was an experience I will never forget!

SH: While we’re on the topic of “A Christmas Tree”, what does YOUR Christmas tree look like? ?



SH: What’s the most special thing about your new song?

TM: It’s my first single, so it means everything to me. It’s something that I get to call mine.

SH: If you could sing with any artist, who would it be?

TM: Carrie Underwood! She is an amazing singer and performer and she’s one of my inspirations.

SH: We saw how much Carrie inspires you in your “Mama’s Song” cover video! What was it like to film your first official music video?


Being in front of all the cameras was AMAZING! I was on a gorgeous farm way out in the country with breathtaking views, surrounded by friendly people, horses and dogs. It was just an amazing time.

SH: How do you hope your fans react when they’re listening to “A Christmas Tree” with their families this holiday season?

TM: I hope they all gather around the Christmas tree and start dancing and making the best memories!

SH: We also hear you have a really cute music video for “A Christmas Tree” coming out SO soon. We can’t wait! What was your favorite part about filming the video?

TM: Being around all the Christmas decorations and getting to see amazing places that I’ve never seen before.

SH: So what’s your favorite ornament on your Christmas tree this year?



SH: Is there one song you love to listen to while you do your holiday decorating?

TM: “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber

SH: We’ve been listening to your singing since you shared your first cover on SweetyHigh.com years ago! What do you enjoy most about country music?

TM: It’s the new pop and each song tells a story.

SH: And who are your 3 biggest musical influences?

Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood and Maddie & Tae

SH: Why did you choose to cover “God Made Girls” by RaeLynn?


It’s a very inspirational song about girl power.

SH: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

TM: My family and I play White Elephant Bingo together. When your card is called out, you have the choice to pick a wrapped gift from the pile, or you can be a scrooge and take someone else’s gift.

SH: Now, what’s the ~weirdest~ thing your family does during the holidays?

TM: Finding the hidden pickle ornament in the tree! If you’re the first to find it, you receive a special gift.

SH: Which holiday movie do you have to watch EVERY year?

TM: How The Grinch Stole Christmas, all the way!

SH: What’s your go-to winter outfit? 


tegan marie holiday outfit

SH: What’s your fave holiday memory?

TM: When my Dad tricked me with a gift of an old flip phone in a iPhone 5C box. I opened it and I was kinda confused, but then he came in with a big box with the actual iPhone 5C in it!?

SH: What holiday food can you not stop eating?

TM: Hands down my grandma’s cranberry salad!?

SH: Could you sing us a little bit of your fave classic holiday song?


SH: Walk us through everything your family does on Christmas morning!

TM: My brother and I are always the first ones up, if we even sleep! First, we wake up my parents and open all our gifts. Then we have a big pancake breakfast and then we head over to my grandma’s house for more presents!?

SH: Of all the gifts you got last year, which one was your fave?

TM: Actually this sounds weird, but my curling iron.

SH: Why are the holidays a special time for you?

TM: I get to see and spend precious time with all my family, even my cousins who I don’t get to see very often! I also give back by picking a person to give a gift to, because their family may not have the money to get it for them.?

SH:  If you could celebrate Christmas with any five people, who would they be and why?

TM: Hunter Hayes, my mom, dad, my brother and Kelsea Ballerini, because they are all so awesome. And Hunter has been my crush for the longest time now!?

SH: And finally, what is at the very top of your holiday wish list?

TM: I just hope people really love my single “A Christmas Tree” as much as I do!

Leave a comment for Tegan below telling her why you love her song and she may just respond!? And if you haven’t yet, CLICK HERE to get “A Christmas Tree” right this second!