Watch Tegan Marie's Beautiful Music Video for Her Majestic New Song 'Horses'

Country star Tegan Marie has captured our hearts once again.

Last week, the singer released her latest in a line of catchy singles—a heartfelt tune called "Horses." With thought-provoking lyrics and a memorable melody, the tune is a stunning ode to the animal kingdom and Tegan's own love of these majestic creatures.

Today, in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation and its Netflix original series, SPIRIT RIDING FREE, Tegan released an artistic music video that captures the essence of the song.

Images of Tegan belting the earnest lyrics among her favorite animals are set alongside the horses and riders of SPIRIT RIDING FREE. The Netflix original series, debuting April 5, follows 12-year-old Lucky and a wild mustang she befriends and later names Spirit. The animated images are awe-inspiring, but they take on an ethereal quality when backed by Tegan's impressive vocals.

Featuring Tegan's signature country sound, "Horses" is all about realizing the various ways we're all connected. "Cause your heart / is my heart / and my heart/ is yours," Tegan croons atop her majestic beast. The song represents a slower, sweeter side of the singer, but one that's just as unforgettable as her other tunes.

Be sure to download this song today for another taste of this rising country cutie's impressive talent.


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