Watch Tegan Marie Spread Holiday Cheer With Live Versions of Her Fave Festive Tunes

Tegan Marie wowed us once again.

After releasing her holiday single "Just Another Night" in early December of last year, the country cutie proved that she's perfectly capable of spreading some much-needed holiday cheer—and this year is no different.

Earlier this week, Tegan took over One Country's Facebook Live to sing some unrehearsed holiday songs. But if you think a lack of preparation would impact this boss babe's ability to deliver a stellar tune, you are sorely mistaken.

After explaining that they only just decided to give these holiday songs a try, Tegan belts out a chilling rendition of "Hallelujah" that has us completely mesmerized. Then, at the suggestion of one of her onlookers, she jumps right into a cover of "Santa Baby" without missing a beat.

As beautiful as her singing is, our favorite part comes at the very end of the video. When asked if she has anything she would like to tell her fans, the singer pauses and looks to the space behind the camera with a perplexed expression. She eventually announces that she has new music coming out, and yells excitedly, "I can say that, but I was about to spill the beans on something!"

So not only can we expect new sounds from our favorite rising country star, but it also sounds like she has something extra special in store for us in the future. We can hardly stand the anticipation!


Haven't heard Tegan Marie's "Just Another Night?" Click HERE to jam out to this beloved holiday single with a special lyric video!