Watch Tegan Marie and Sammy Jaye Get the Full NYC Experience

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, our fave country artists, Tegan Marie, delayed her turkey dinner to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Singing "Keep It Lit" atop the Girl Scouts of the USA float, Tegan wowed audiences across the country with her stunning vocals. But that wasn't the only exciting thing Tegan did in NYC. 

In a video posted to Radio Disney's YouTube channel, Tegan documented her adventures with another one of our faves, Sammy Jaye. The girls start by meeting up in Times Square, where Sammy announces that she's going to give Tegan the full New York-experience. 

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The pair struggles through High Tea at the Plaza before moving on to some much-needed holiday shopping. In an act of true friendship, they even buy matching rings, showing  just how adorable their relationship really is.

We even get a tiny peek into Tegan's Parade rehearsal, complete with Sammy cheering her on the whole way through.

Basically, we're obsessed with this dynamic duo. And if the video above doesn't have enough Tegan and Sammy to satisfy you, make sure to watch out for Part 2, where Tegan takes Sammy around the streets of Nashville!


If you want more of Tegan's music, click HERE to watch her video for newest single, "I Know How to Make a Boy Cry."