15 Truths You'll Relate to If You're Terrible At Keeping Secrets

Secrets might not make friends, but friends definitely make secrets.

Sadly, not all of us are particularly skilled in the art of secret-keeping. Whether you simply enjoy talking too much or you're constantly forgetting what information is strictly confidential, somehow secrets are always slipping through your fingers.

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If you are absolutely terrible at keeping secrets, you'll definitely relate to these 15 truths.

1. You are a completely open book. You struggle to keep other people's secrets, so there is absolutely no sense in trying to keep your own.

2. Because you're an open book, over sharing is not a thing for you. What is this "private information" everyone is always talking about? You have no problem sharing all the details of your life with anyone who might be willing to listen and no topic is off limits.

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3. Being willing to share all the details of your life also means that you expect the same from other people. You get truly offended when someone doesn't want to talk about a certain subject, and their reasoning doesn't make any sense to your openminded way of thinking.

4. Sadly, you get offended a lot because people don't want to share things with you when they know you're terrible at keeping secrets.

5. You have also accepted this fact, but that doesn't stop you from pestering your friends to let you in on their secretive discussions.

6. If they do decide to share a secret with you, it is accompanied by a strong warning not to tell anyone. The conversations is usually peppered with quite a few versions of, "If you say anything, I'm never telling you a secret again."

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7. However, your terrible secret-keeping skills always get the better of you. The pressure of keeping information private is too much, and the secret always finds its way out of your mouth.

8. You don't purposefully let secrets slip, and sometimes you don't even realize that you shared confidential information until it's already happened.

9. You silently curse yourself and blame your love of talking for your mistake. When you enjoy chatting with other people so much, it's easy to let a secret slip now and then.

10. You retrace your steps in the conversation and give the person explicit information not to tell anyone else, but the damage is already done.

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11. At first, your friends got upset with you for constantly sharing their private information, but now they've accepted that it's just the way you are.

12. But that doesn't stop you from apologizing profusely every time you tell another secret. You've all accepted that it's going to happen, but you still feel bad about it.

13. Your friends have also learned to deal with your terrible secret-keeping skills. You are often asked to leave the room before a big announcement, and no one ever lets you participate in any sort of surprise because they know you'll mess it up.

14. Being barred from important conversations is annoying, but living without the pressure of secrets makes your life much, much easier.

15. You tell yourself that maybe someday you'll get better at this, but for right now you've learned to live with the fact that you just can't keep a secret.


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