If Tetris Blocks Can Get Their Own Movie, It's Time These Video Game Heroines Got Theirs, Too

It's official: A Tetris movie is coming! While we have absolutely no idea how an '80s video game about falling puzzle blocks will translate to the big screen, we are more than ready for a wave of game-inspired films.

A game of Tetris on the NES

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We're in luck, because the app-inspired The Angry Birds Movie is out in theaters tomorrow, and Warcraft, based on the multiplayer online role-playing games of the same name, is being released on June 10. A reboot of the PlayStation game-based Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movies, starring actress Alicia Vikander, is also in the works, but we want even more girl-centric gamer movies, and we have a few ideas about who they should be about!



Tetra, aka Princess Zelda, winking in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

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First Appearance: The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

Her Story: Tetra may be young, but she's a fierce pirate captain who commands the respect of a whole shipful of marauders three times her size. When she first meets the game's hero, Link, she thinks he's kind of a twerp, but eventually she realizes he's a worthy ally.

When *spoiler alert* Tetra discovers she's actually a descendant of the legendary Princess Zelda, she teams up with Link to help him defeat the evil Ganondorf for good with the help of a few well-placed light arrows.

The Movie?: Tetra deserves her own game, not to mention her own movie. She's exactly the spunky, fearless female hero we need to see more of on the silver screen, and we'd love to see her command her crew through some giant adventures. And if he likes, Link can make a cameo, too.



Chell from Portal holding the portal gun

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First AppearancePortal

Her Story: Chell doesn't really talk, so much of her past remains a mystery. What we do know is that she's an Aperture Science test subject designated with the task of taking their new Portal Guns, capable of generating an instant portal between any two points, on a trial run.

Chell's tests are administered by a maniacal AI called GLaDOS, who doesn't realize that the very gadget Chell is being forced to use is exactly the tool she needs to regain her freedom.

The Movie?: We admit that it might be tough to make a film about a silent protagonist who uses portals to make her way to safety, but hear us out! Without speaking a word, Chell constantly demonstrates her courage, curiosity and ability to think on her feet. Plus, did we mention the baddie GLaDOS is also a girl?


Samus Aran

Samus in her varia suit standing next to zero suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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First AppearanceMetroid

Her Story: Samus is basically the ultimate warrior. She travels through space as a bounty hunter, armed only with an armored Power Suit gifted to her by a race of bird-like aliens called the Chozo, who raised her after she lost her parents.

Samus' missions send her across the galaxy to battle the reptilian Space Pirates, including their vicious leader, Ridley, who made her an orphan.

The Movie?: Of all of the strong ladies in video games who need their own films, Samus is the most deserving. Her entire story, from her alien upbringing to her galactic exploits, is one of our favorites in gaming history, and we'd love to finally find out what Samus is thinking and feeling under all that metal!


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