5 Rules for Texting Your Crush Without Being Annoying

Chatting with someone you like naturally brings up all kinds of new anxieties.

But if you've moved into the texting stage with your crush, there's probably one worry that's been haunting you ever since you sent that first message—how do you maintain a conversation without irritating your potential new love interest?

Keep scrolling for five rules that can help you to text your crush without being annoying.

Rule #1: Stick to Once a Day

If you and your crush are in a constant conversation, there's no need to worry about the frequency of your texts. However, if talking every day isn't a given, sending message after message to your crush can quickly become overwhelming. If you're the one texting first, make sure you don't send more than one message a day at most. That kind of frequency will you keep on their mind, but it won't feel like you're badgering them to chat with you all the time. As you become more comfortable with each other, worries about frequency of your texts will usually disappear, but at the beginning it's best to play it safe and stick to the once-a-day rule.

Pretty Little Liars: Addison texting

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


Rule #2: Don't Wait By Your Phone

We're not big fans of the waiting game that so often accompanies texting relationships, where you purposely wait a set amount of time to respond to your crush. However, we also know that sending a text to your crush can be exciting, urging you to wait by your phone as their replies trickle in.

Not only does this prevent you from living your life, it also means that you'll respond to each one of their texts within seconds, which may cause them to feel pressured to maintain an instantaneous conversation. You don't have to wait a set amount of time, but you should also allow yourself to be occupied so your replies don't come across as needy or overeager.


Rule #3: Start an Actual Conversation

We've all received the dreaded "hey" text at least once in our lives. Even if you're happy to hear from someone, texts that don't actually start a conversation are incredibly annoying to receive, so don't be that person. If you're going to text you crush, make sure you have something to say. If you can't find a way to start an actual conversation, simply don't text them until you have a better idea of something concrete the two of you can talk about.

the vampire diaries - bonnie texting with matt in the background

(The Vampire Diaries via The CW)


Rule #4: Be Willing to Stop

There's nothing more annoying than someone who just won't stop texting you, even when you're clearly done with the conversation. If your crush isn't contributing to the discussion, has only replied with one word for a few messages or just generally isn't being that responsive, you must be willing to stop texting them back. It doesn't mean you'll never talk again, but it does keep you from pushing for a conversation they're just not interested in at the moment, and therefore annoying them in the process.


Rule #5: Send Memes

Finally, perhaps our favorite method of texting your crush without annoying them—turn to the internet. Memes are a great way to spark a fun, lighthearted conversation and to engage your crush's interest without making yourself too vulnerable. You'll be able to chat with your crush, but you'll also provide some comical entertainment to brighten their day. After all, who could be annoyed while looking at hilarious memes?


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