How you text can say a lot about who you are and how you communicate.

Want to discover a deep truth about yourself just by looking at your texting style? You’ve come to the right place.

Scroll below to determine what type of texter you are and what that really reveals about you.

The Novel Writing Texter

When you text, you tend to write paragraph-long messages. Why? Because putting your thoughts and feelings into a text message is important to you. You’re a thoughtful and sensitive person, and, to you, words are powerful and meaningful. You’re compassionate and kind, and your friends know that you will always be there to give sound advice and lend an ear. Girl texting in front of a brick wall

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The One Word Texter

You are known for texting short and sweet text message like “yes,” “no” and “ok.” While others might read your texts as abrupt and emotionless, you mean for them to be read as straightforward (and that’s just what you are). You are honest and open, and you don’t sugar coat things—a rare and unique quality. Friends and family can always rely on you to tell them the truth when they ask for your opinion. You don’t play games.

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The Emoji Fanatic Texter

You are obsessed with sending emojis—plain and simple. If it were up to you, you wouldn’t even text words, because you feel like emojis are so much more expressive. Just like these little symbols, you are full of emotion. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you never hesitate to tell people how you’re really feeling. If you’re sad, mad, excited or stressed, you better believe everyone around you will pick up on that.

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The Overly Amused (and Overly Careful) Texter

You can’t help but end every sentence you type with either a “haha” or an “lol.” You tack these little phrases to the end of each message because you’re never sure how the receiver of the text will read what you wrote. Because you hate conflict and never want to come across as rude, you think these phrases are a necessity. You are a people pleaser, and you always have been. Your goal in life is to always make everyone surrounding you happy—which is an amazing thing! Just know it’s okay to be upfront and honest with people. You don’t have to hide behind those “haha’s” and “lol’s,” just tell people how you really feel.


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The Could-Use-Autocorrect Texter

No matter how careful you are when texting, you almost always manage to misspell several words in your conversations—so much so that your friends complain. You make these mistakes mostly because you’re just too busy to re-read what you type before you send the message. You’re an on-the-go gal, and you often have way too much on your plate. Your texting mistakes are just one indication that you should slow down and really concentrate on whatever you may be working on. Busy is good, just make sure you take time to take care of yourself and things that matter most to you in life. ❤️Girl looking mad while texting

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The Double or Triple Texter

You are not afraid to double or triple text someone, even if they haven’t texted you back in a few hours. You are bold and brave and you go after what you want. What people love most about you is your assertiveness. You’re not afraid to take charge of your life which is totally awesome. Although your assertiveness and persistence is admired by most, it can sometimes be read as impatience. Sometimes the best things in life take time—remember that!Girl texting on her phone in a coffee shop

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