10 Memes That Capture the Painful Reality of Texting Your Crush

Why does texting your crush have to be so hard?

It should be a simple and easy way to express your interest, but instead, every message is bogged down by worries that they won't respond, fears that you're coming across too strong or not strong enough, and a general anxiety about communicating with someone who takes up so much space in your mind.

We can't take away your texting nerves, but we can help you laugh about it. Keep scrolling for 10 memes that capture the painful reality of texting your crush.

1. Goodbye cruel world:


2. Ugh, this is so us:


3. We'll get back to them in 3-5 business days when we've decided on a response:


4. Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea:

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5. Call in the troops:


6. This is an impossible decision:

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7. Was that too much?


8. Oops:

9. Nothing has ever felt better than this:

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10. Oh, hi!


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