13 Texts to Keep the Group Chat Alive During Social Distancing

Right now, it feels like social distancing will never end.

We've all been suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic since the start of the year. When social distancing first began, it felt like a fun opportunity to take care of yourself while keeping in touch with your friends through digital means. But the longer these measures stay in place, the harder it gets to stay in contact with people you can't see in person.

If your conversations with friends are falling apart at this point in the pandemic, keep scrolling for 13 texts to send to keep the group chat alive during social distancing.

For a text that gives everyone a chance to talk:

"Everyone tell me your favorite quarantine moment so far. Go!"

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For a text that lets all your friends know you're thinking of them:

"Miss you guys so much! Let's plan a Zoom call sometime soon?"


For a text that's so bad, your friends will have to respond:

"Guys, I have a pizza joke! Nevermind… it's too cheesy."


For a text that prompts a fun game:

"Would you rather never leave the house again or be quarantined with your ex for an entire year?"


For a simple text that gets the convo rolling:

"Are you guys just as bored in the house as I am?"

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For a text that gives you all a chance to talk about Outer Banks again:

"What's the best show or movie everyone has watched so far in quarantine?"


For a text when you can't help but talk about quarantine:

"If you guys could choose one person to quarantine with, dead or alive, who would it be?"


For a super lame text that will at least get you talking:

"???? ???? ????. This is me waving at you. Do you sea what I did there?"


For a text that allows your friends to vent their quarantine frustration:

"How's everyone doing? Are we all as sick of social distancing as I am?"


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For a text that lets you all talk about the huge failures you've been during quarantine:

"What did you guys plan to do at the start of quarantine that you definitely haven't done?"


For a text that's totally random, but still fun:

"If you were going to join the cast of a reality show, which show would you want to go on?"


For a text that lets you all daydream of a different life:

"If you could trade places and quarantine in the house of someone in this group, who would you choose?"


For a text that just lets your friends know you care:

"Hey guys. Missing you all a little extra today. Can't wait to have a huge party when this is all over!"


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