7 Flirty Texts to Send to Your Crush on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day when it comes to romantic gestures and grand confessions of the heart.

Rather than be your crush's secret admirer this year, be the cupid of your own life and capture your true love's attention (and heart). Some people may regard this holiday as little more than a commercialized Hallmark conspiracy, but we know better. V-Day is all about summoning up the courage to profess your love with conversation hearts and eating as much cute candy as humanly possible.

Keep reading for seven flirty text messages that will be sure to tug at your crush's heartstrings:

1. 'Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolate is sweet, but nothing compares to you!'

Pair this text with a sweet selfie of you and a heart-shaped box of chocolates and you're golden, sister. This text goes back to basics with a classic V-Day love poem. It'll be sure to make your crush smile, and may just inspire them to send along their own heart-eyes selfie.

Charlie Brown reading Valentine

(Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown via CBS)


2. 'What if I told you I was your secret admirer?'

This text is equally as playful as the one above, while getting directly to the point. The coy nature of the phrase will make your crush second-guess every conversation you've had, all while contemplating their feelings for you. Plus, this message implies a reply, so you're opening the door to a larger conversation.


3. 'Do you know a kid named Cupid? He called to let you know that he needs my heart back.'

This text may just border on a pick-up line, but corny one-liners can be a great way to break the ice. Clearly this message doesn't take itself seriously, so you don't have to stress too hard after pressing send. The reply is likely to be just as lighthearted, but may still inspire a flirty response.


4. 'I'd put my phone down to hold your hand.'

…And that is saying a lot because there isn't much that can persuade us to put our phones down. This text is sweet without being as sugar-coated as the one above, and even more flirty because you're suggesting hand-to-hand contact. While a kiss may be grand, hand-holding is still a butterfly-inducing action when it comes to your crush.

Hanna Pretty Little Liars texting

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


5. 'Be Mine?'

Short. Sweet. Themed. What better way to address your crush than with a direct statement? Rather than waiting around for them to make the first move, put your brave face on and ask them to be your Valentine with this phrase straight off of a conversation heart. You may just find yourself with a V-Day date after sending this message along.


6. 'Wanna be the Archie to my Veronica?'

This text works for any ship that calls your name. Pick a reference that you and your crush both bond over and insert the couple names into this text that gets to the point while adding a creative touch. The best part is that they'll be able to visualize you both as a perfect pair thanks to the inspiration of the coupled characters.

Archie and Veronica being cute

(Riverdale via the CW)


7. 'All this candy in front of me and you're the only one giving me a toothache.'

There are two ways this text will go down. Either your crush will totally get that you're calling them sweet and they'll respond to the flattery, or the reference will go over their heads and they'll be so curious they just have to respond. Either way, this statement is sure to grab the attention of your sweetie pie. With this text, you're both giving them a compliment as well as insinuating your feelings for your crush.


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