12 Texts We've All Sent to Our Best Friends at Some Point

If you're like us, you share everything with your best friend.

After all, what's a BFF for if not to offer support, laughter and honest feedback? There is no limit to the topics you can cover with your bestie, and even when you're not together, you're probably still keeping each other updated through the power of your phone.

Blair Kissing Serena's Cheek

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We know what it's like to send a text whining about your crush, asking for outfit advice or putting together a plan for a GNO. In fact, we've all sent them!

Keep scrolling for 12 texts we've all sent to our best friends at some point:

1. "Are you dressing cute or no?"

Obviously you have to get on the same page in terms of outfit effort. There's nothing worse than showing up somewhere looking like a homeless person when your BFF is dressed to the nines.

Veronica and Betty Walking in a Hallway

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2. "What are we doing tonight?"

Even if you didn't actually have plans together, your BFF should know that you are obviously spending all your free time by each other's side.


3. *Preceded by a screenshot of a conversation with your crush* "Help, what do I say?"

If your crush is texting you, you are definitely texting your best friend. Searching for advice on text responses and having your BFF weigh in on the tone of your conversation is a given. Privacy isn't a thing when your bestie's involved.


4. "I'm giving up on love."

We've all said it, we never follow through with it, but sometimes you need your bestie to encourage you to stay positive when your love life is going poorly.


5. "I hate him."

Only to be followed up a few minutes later with, "Nevermind, he texted me!" Come on, we're all a little over-dramatic sometimes, especially when our crush isn't responding in a timely manner.

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(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


6. "I just saw my husband."

Referring, of course, to the boy who has no idea you exist. Hey, just because he doesn't know you right now doesn't mean you can't get married someday in the future.


7. *Preceded by a picture of your latest clothing purchase* "What do we think?"

You and your bestie basically have the same mind, so it makes sense that you have to run your clothing purchases past her. If she doesn't like it, it might just have to go back to the store.


8. "I can't handle people today."

We all have those days where everyone in the world seems to be making a concentrated effort to get on our last nerve. Venting your frustrations to your best friend is the best way to stay sane, and to let her know that she's the only person you can handle talking to right now.


9. "Should we get food?"

It doesn't matter if you're heading out for a girl's night on the town or planning to lay around at home and watch movies, food is always part of the equation. The answer is always yes, but you still have to ask just to make sure you're still on the same page.

Blair and Serena Laughing

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


10. "Go like my Insta."

If your best friend isn't contributing to your Instagram likes, are they even your best friend?


11. "I'm coming over."

If you're BFFs, you're probably past the point of asking for permission. Now you just do them the courtesy of informing them that you're hanging out, whether they want to or not.


12. "I love you."

Of course, amidst all your joking and the moments when you need advice, you still have to tell your bestie how much she means to you. After all, you'd be lost without her.


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