7 Texts to Send After a Great First Date

First dates are stressful enough without having to think about what comes next.

If everything went great and you're eager to see your date again, you might be full of questions (and worry) once the lovely night concludes. Should you follow the old saying and wait three days before getting in touch? No way! That'll just make it seem like you forgot about them entirely, especially these days when everyone is so connected. We recommend that, if they don't text you first, you wait at least a couple of hours (or until the morning) to follow up, and then let you know you had a great time with one of the following messages.

'I had so much fun tonight. Thanks for a great time!

If you don't feel like being too forward, you can at least let your date know that you had a great time with them. This message isn't overly enthusiastic or bold, but lets the other person know you have good feelings about them and gives you both a chance to think about where things are headed.

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'I really liked hanging out. Let's do it again soon!'

Liked your date so much that you want to set up that next date like now? When you tell them how you thought the evening went, take the opportunity to also let them know you'd like to see them again. This message shows your interest without demanding anything or moving too fast.


'Still laughing about [funny thing from date]. I had the best time!'

Great dates are often full of great stories, and sometimes, it can be helpful to remind your date about one of your favorite moments from the time you spent together. When people are clicking, they really appreciate hearing about what the other person enjoyed. Plus, it'll get them thinking about how much fun you both had.


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'Thanks for taking me out. Gotta say I'm a big fan of [thing they did].'

Are you crushing hard after that first date? If you get the feeling they feel the same way about you, let them know you liked spending time with them while complimenting them on something you appreciated about them. Did they look great? Were they super kind, or funny, or brave? Don't be afraid to share and show them what you enjoy about who they are.

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'Still thinking about how much fun that was! You mentioned [blank]. Maybe we could do that for date No. 2?'

When your date is going well, the conversation just flows, with all kinds of topics on the table. Did your date bring up any hobbies or interests, or maybe a movie they want to see, a restaurant they want to try or a place they want to visit? Now that you know a little more about them, you have all kinds of jumping-off points for your second date. If you're feeling bold, why not suggest it to them now?


'I gotta admit I was nervous before our date. Thanks so much for making it so much fun.'

We're sure we're not the only ones that can find first dates nerve-racking, so don't be afraid to show a little vulnerability and let them know that you were nervous—at first. When things are going well, you'll both be at ease, and it might make them feel great to know that! Who knows—they might have been just as anxious, and sharing this with them might help them open up to you, too.


'Just checking to see you made it home safe! Thanks for being such a lovely date.'

Looking for an excuse to text the night of? There's no harm in checking in with them after a little while to see if they made it home safely. It's a simple gesture that can show that you care, while also taking off the pressure if you're worried it's a little early to text.

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