The only thing that gets you out of bed every morning is knowing you’ll get to see your crush at school—but one day, they don’t show up.

You find out they’re sick and are staying home from school—what now? Is all communication between the two of you ceased? No! It’s actually the perfect way to take your relationship to the next level.

Let them know you’re thinking of them with one of the following best texts to send your crush when they’re sick.

1. ‘I hope you make a speedy recovery—school’s not the same without you.’

This text message lets your crush know that they’re on your mind. You noticed their absence, and that’ll put a smile on their face. Don’t be afraid to be forward! After all, how else do you plan on taking things to the next level?


2. ‘Idk if you know, but I’m an excellent chef. What’s your fave type of soup?’

By sending this sweet text, you’re instigating a hangout. Even if you only drop off the soup, it’ll let them know you care. Plus, it’s a chance to show off your cooking skills.


3. ‘Found this meme and it made me think of you :)’

Attach a meme and send them a text. Whether it has to do with an inside joke, with them being sick or something completely random, it’s a great start to a conversation. Keep it playful and light.


4. ‘I took notes for you in class today. Want me to come over and drop them off?’

Let them know they were on your mind, even in class. If they let you over to drop them off, make sure to write something cute on the notes. Chances are, they’ve never had anyone show up with notes for them—why not be the first?


5. ‘I’m so sorry you’re feeling sick. Get better soon so we can finally go out on that date ;)’

This is a great text to send to the crush who hasn’t asked you out yet. Maybe they aren’t aware of your feelings or are simply too nervous to start the convo. Take a leap and ask them out by making them think it was their idea.


6. ‘Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much at school. But I missed YOU.’

Hopefully by telling them this, they will say they missed you as well. Offer to video chat with them and dish on all the details of what they missed when they were out.


7. ‘Lmk if you need anything. I’m an excellent cuddler.’

This text is totally flirty, but not in an overt way. This will open up a bigger conversation, hopefully leading to a date!


8. ‘I picked up some sick day essentials for you. When should I come over?’

This ensures that you get to see your crush—even if it’s only for a few minutes. While you’re not really giving them an option to say no, that’s okay. You’re showing your bold side, which they will find super attractive.


9. ‘So bummed I didn’t get to see you today. How are you feeling?’

By sending this text, you’re letting your crush know you were on the lookout for them. Plus, you’re asking them how they’re feeling, which ultimately shows how considerate you are—aka, a preview to how you’ll be as a girlfriend.


10. ‘I’m sick and tired of you being sick and tired :(‘

A playful text like this will show your crush how much you care. Sending them well wishes is probably more than anyone else is doing. Seriously—how often do people tell you to feel better when you don’t show up to school? Not that often.


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