Texts to Send Your BFF When They're Feeling Down

Some days our friends need to be lifted up, and it's our duty to take care of them.

If your bestie is going through a rough time or is simply having an off day, make sure you're there for them. All they need is a little reminder that they have you.

Not sure what to say? Below, you'll find some ideas we have of texts to send your BFF when they're feeling down and in the dumps.

'If you want to dance, cry your eyes out and eat junk food, I'm here for you.'

For the bestie who just got dumped, all they need is a good crying session. Let them know you're more than happy to hang out with them and will even provide the music and fast food to go along with it.


'Thanks for being my best friend. You're my partner-in-crime and I love you endlessly!'

Don't you love getting random texts like this from friends? If your bestie is feeling down, this is bound to bring a smile to their face. Perhaps all they need to feel better is the reminder that they're an awesome person!


'Instead of going to the game this weekend, feel like staying in and getting some homework done?'

Not all of us are blessed with natural smarts, in fact, most of us have to study our butts off! If your BFF has been struggling with school lately, get their mind off of social activities and stay in on the weekend with them to get their grades back up.


'I'm sorry you've had such a rough week. Just know that I'm always here for you!"

Sometimes all a person needs to know is that you have their back. It's nice to know they can count on you, and a simple text like this will make them feel loads better.


'Delivery! I'm on my way with all your favorite snacks.'

Food heals the soul. Is that a saying? We think the answer to almost all of life's problems can be solved by great food (jk!). But in the case of a friend not having a great day, why not surprise them with all of their favorite things?


What about your partner? Look HERE for the texts to send your S.O. when they're feeling down.