Tezza Barton and Cole Hermann Spill the Tea on Their Collab With NOIZE

Raise your hand if you have the Tezza app downloaded on your phone!

We're big-time fans of the app and the creatives behind it—Tezza Barton and Cole Hermann. This power couple is major goals and never fails to leave us with a sense of awe after scrolling through their photos on Instagram. So when we heard they were partnering with NOIZE for a curated collection titled "Lost In The Sounds," we knew we had to learn more. We sat down with Tezza and Cole, and they told us all about the new fashion collection, their personal styles, must-have pieces and more.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourselves!

Tezza Barton and Cole Hermann: We are creatives from Utah who have known each other since birth. Tezza has always been incredibly artistic—painting, singing, playing music and taking photos since she was a kid and she eventually studied fine art photography in college. Cole's background is more in tech and design, always taking web page design courses and working on apps, and he eventually studied computer science in college.

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We both have a deep love of music and Cole actually played in Tezza's band before we started dating. That's actually really where we started to fall in love and realized we had an amazing creative connection.

We now run our company together, which is called Tezza, which consists of a photo and video editing app, curated printed art collections and we do a ton of photography and creative direction for other brands as well.


SH: How would you describe your personal style?

Tezza: Our style is ever-changing, we don't like to define it because we are constantly letting it change as we do. I am inspired by finding those special pieces that are a bit more daring and mixing them with classic timeless pieces, finding that unexpected moment in fashion that represents my personality. My goal with fashion is to invest in pieces that will always be in my closet and be able to continue to live on through different decades.

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SH: What are three items in your closets you can't live without?

Tezza: Stella McCartney platform boots, vintage high-waisted slacks and a black oversized blazer.


SH: Tell us about your partnership with NOIZE!

Tezza: Cole and I were working with NOIZE back in 2019 and we were so blown away by the quality and sustainability of their pieces. When NOIZE approached us to collaborate, we were so excited, it was so much fun for us! We have similar styles when it comes to fashion and we liked the idea of making pieces that can work together for couples. We sometimes share clothes so it made sense for us to look at the collection as a whole and create pieces we would both want to wear.

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SH: The collab is called "Lost In The Sounds." What does that mean to you?

Tezza: Cole and I fell in love while playing in a band together. Music has always been our strongest source of inspiration, the places it can take you, the way it makes you feel, the way it brings people together. We wanted a phrase that represented the way the collection made us feel, the way we feel when we are our best and most creative selves, lost in the sounds.


SH: What did the design process look like?

Tezza and Cole: The design process started with both of us looking through our closets and pulling out our favorite pieces, colors, and overall style vibes to nail down the direction we wanted to go. From there, we spoke with NOIZE on upcoming trends and created a mood board. At that point, NOIZE was able to totally nail the designs and came back to us immediately with the exact collection you're seeing now! It was super seamless and we had such a great time exchanging ideas with the team.

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SH: What pieces are being offered?

Tezza and Cole: Prices range from $120 to $370 USD. Expect cozy loungewear to vegan leather blazers and full-length outerwear in alternatives to fur and leather.


SH: What's your favorite piece from the collection?

Cole: The Carmel Trench ($300), it's the perfect transition piece, something that will never go out of style and perfect for layering.


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Tezza: The Blue Penny Lane Jacket ($300). Every season I have my staple piece, the one I can put on and know it's going to be a showstopper. This jacket is iconic and one I will be wearing a lot this year.


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SH: What type of person will shop this collection?

Tezza: I really hope everyone can find something in this collection, the pieces have a fun youthful flare while still feeling sophisticated and timeless. I hope my mom is wearing it just as much as my younger siblings and their friends.


SH: Do you have anything else in the works or news you'd like to share?

Tezza and Cole: This collection is super special to us because we started back in 2020 when we lived in New York, just us two. Since then, we have moved to California and we're expecting our first child in December! It feels like a collection to capture this moment of life, who we are now and who we are becoming.


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