8 Things You Should Never Do at Thanksgiving Dinner

All year long we anxiously await the arrival of holiday season.

It's the time of the year with the most food, treats and tons of family and friend bonding. But while we love to get our celebration on, we also have to acknowledge that with family get-togethers comes the possibility of drama overload.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the only sticky situation you should deal with is cranberry sauce and apple pie filling. Save yourself from uncomfortable Turkey Day situations by reading eight things you should never do during Thanksgiving dinner:

1. Get Political

The No. 1 rule of family dinners and celebrations is that you never discuss politics. Not only is it a rather unsettling discussion, you're bound to trot into dangerous territory as Great Uncle Mick has vastly different political opinions than your cousins. This topic is guaranteed to put a bad taste in everyone's mouths, which is the last thing you want on the day of thanks.


2. Diss the Dish

This may seem obvious, but we've seen it happen way too many times. Even if you think you're in safe company, refrain from bad-mouthing any aspect of the meal. Whether it's a dry turkey or an equally parched pie, keep your comments to yourself. This day is all about eating (and gratitude, of course), and you better believe your fam put a lot of time, effort and love into their dishes. Saying the wrong thing in front of the wrong person will result in hurt feelings. Trust, my mom hasn't baked a Thanksgiving dessert in years because this rule was broken!

Bob gazing at his turkey

(Bob's Burgers via Fox)


3. Skip the Meal

Even if dietary restrictions make this meal hard to swallow—whether you're a vegetarian, vegan or have a food allergy—plan ahead. Either make your own dish to bring to the gathering or select a few safe foods that don't disrupt your lifestyle. Sitting at the table with an empty plate will read as just plain rude.


4. Make a Mockery of Family Traditions

Many traditions are lame—they just are. That doesn't mean it's your place to openly mock family activities. Trust us, no one likes to stand around the table and rattle off their gratitude, but it's just one day a year. Make your grandparents happy.

Johnson family playing Monopoly

 (Black-ish via ABC)


5. Leave

If you can call your closest friends "family," then it's likely you've been invited to join in on their celebration. While it's respectful to make an appearance at other houses, don't leave your own until you've had Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Even if you think you're just going to pop out for a second, time can get away from you and before you know it you have two very angry parents and many disgruntled relatives.


6. Show Up Empty Handed

Even if it's a tiny token of gratitude, you want to bring a little something to Thanksgiving dinner. It's a sign of respect and appreciation which will brighten the spirits of everyone—especially the stressed out hosts.

Tina in turkey costume holding gizzards

(Bob's Burgers via Fox)


7. Hide in Your Room All Day

If the family celebration is held at your house, you must resist the urge to hide out in your bedroom. We get it, chatting with extended family is a chore. From unpleasant questions you don't want to answer, to statements about your growth you've heard a million times before, conversing with your distant relatives is hardly our idea of a holiday. That said, you still have to participate, because whether you like it or not, you can't get away from family.


8. Pick a Fight

Everyone has at least one family member with whom they can't get along. You can't choose your family, which means that fire signs and water signs are bound to clash personalities. That said, on a day like today, steer clear of the select relatives who make your skin crawl. You don't want to start a fight or even a heated argument because none of the adults will want to deal.

Mindy and Danny fighting at Thanksgiving dinner

(The Mindy Project via NBC)


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