Avoid Becoming Too Stuffed on Thanksgiving With These Tips

We do the same thing each Thanksgiving, despite telling ourselves we'll act differently.

We over-stuff ourselves like there's no tomorrow, unbutton our pants and serve up a second helping, and then groan on the couch for hours in sleepy, stuffed agony.

Let's get real—the painful food coma is more struggle than it's worth and leaves a bad taste in our mouths after such a fabulous meal. Scroll through some tips below to prevent becoming way too stuffed this Thanksgiving:

Step 1: Nibble on Fruits and Veggies

The Thanksgiving feast is never ready by the time the family reunion starts. This usually means that platters of fruits, veggies and cheeses grace the counter tops while the bird cooks in the oven. While you're waiting on dinner and grumbling in the process because the food smells so good, nibble on some sweet and healthy snacks. By the time dinner is served, you won't be totally starving, meaning you won't be as likely to pile on extra servings.


Step 2: Scope Out the Buffet

Rather than moving down the line and grabbing a spoonful of every single dish, scope out the food situation first. It's likely that there are multiple mashed potato dishes or one casserole that contains mushrooms (which you hate), and now you're stuck with a bunch of food you don't actually want. By checking out the dishes and asking friends and relatives what they brought beforehand, you're ensuring that only the best sides make it onto your plate. I know I've gobbled down a serving or two of something I didn't want just to avoid hurting my great aunt's feelings.

Thanksgiving dinner spread on table

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Step 3: Dole Smaller Portions

When in doubt, start small. There's nothing wrong with creating a tapas-style plate with small portions of everything. This way you get to taste it all without overdoing it. And you can always go back for more of your favorite dish when you're done.


Step 4: Leave Room for Dessert

It's easy to fill up fast on dinner. But you have to remember that dessert is right around the corner. And who can say no to dessert?! Assume that you'll want to sample a few different desserts (in the fashion of Step 3) so going too big on dinner would be totally devastating.

Assortment of Thanksgiving desserts

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Step 5: Listen to Your Body

Thanksgiving dinner is a definite mind-over-matter situation. We may feel that our body is getting painfully full, but the social pressure to eat your heart out can make you forget that the extra helping of sweet potatoes is your kryptonite. Just listen to your body and stop when you're done. There are always leftovers in case you end up getting hungry a little while later.


Step 6: Take a Post-Feast Walk

Instead of crashing on the couch when dinner is done, take a little stroll with some family or friends. Exercise aids digestion, so even if you stuffed yourself like the turkey, you'll start to feel better as you walk some of it off. Plus, you'll feel less sleepy after stretching those legs.

Family on walk after Thanksgiving dinner

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