Get Creative With Thanksgiving Leftovers Using These Recipes

The Thanksgiving Slammer—turkey, potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce all sandwiched between two dinner rolls—may be a classic way to eat holiday leftovers, but this year we're getting a little more creative.

It turns out there are many ways to stack all of these sides into one delicious meal. Scroll below to find out some of our favorite recipes. You'll undoubtedly have enough remaining food to try out all of these!

1. Thanksgiving Pizza

It's nearly impossible to find a topping that doesn't work with pizza. My favorite method—though you can experiment with your own—goes like this: Spoon gravy onto your pizza crust to act as the sauce. Then mix together mashed potatoes and creamed corn and smooth that layer over the gravy. Add your mozzarella cheese, stuffing clumps and turkey. Pop into the oven and serve with a side of cranberry sauce or more gravy. Bon appeturkey!


2. Stuffing Waffles

I don't know about you, but the toughest morning decision for me always comes down to sweet or savory? With these stuffing waffles you can have it all! Simply spoon some leftover stuffing onto your waffle iron filled with batter and press until heated through. Eat them with cranberry sauce or use them as the buns for a breakfast sandwich!

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3. Thanksgiving Nachos

Tortilla chips are really just a vehicle to shovel delicious toppings into your mouth. Combine your favorite Turkey Day leftovers with chips and cheese for a plate of ooey gooey gravy bites.

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4. Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Don't think I forgot about all of the leftover desserts! In my experience, there are usually so many pies at any given Thanksgiving get together that you could probably open up your own shop. Change up the dessert menu by making any of your favorite pies into a milkshake. Simply toss a slice of pie, ice cream and milk into your blender until all of the ingredients are smooth. Crumble some bigger pie chunks on top for a nice texture.

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5. Turkey Panini

Take that traditional slammer up a notch with a turkey panini instead. This grilled sandwich can hold all of your leftover sides while keeping your meal classy.

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6. Thanksgiving Burrito

What better way is there to combine all of your favorite Turkey Day delights than wrapping them up in a large flour tortilla? Serve this burrito wet by dousing it in gravy or make it into a breakfast burrito by adding egg and sweet potato.


7. Turkey Burger

I could gobble gobble this up in under a minute. With cran-gravy condiments and sweet potato sides, this balanced burger is everything that leftover dreams are made of.

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TBH, leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving, and these recipe ideas have stepped up the turkey game. If you think these mash-up recipes are out of the box, check out our fave foods that got a dessert makeover HERE.