10 Memes to Laugh at While You Struggle Your Way Through Thanksgiving

Keep calm—Thanksgiving is almost here.

While we're super excited for food and family time, we can still acknowledge that all holidays have their downside. Since you're definitely going to be too busy dodging your more annoying family members and struggling to recover from your food coma on the day of, we decided to get all our Thanksgiving jokes out early.

Keep scrolling for 10 memes to laugh at while you struggle your way through Thanksgiving.

1. How have you still not met all your relatives?


2. Don't even torture yourself like this:

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3. We think this is fair, though:


4. Nothing bad can be said about grandma:


5. We need all the room we can spare for all that food:

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6. It's the best time for gossip:

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7. *Dresses up*, *doesn't leave the house*:


8. Yep, everything's great:


9. There goes all our peace and quiet:


10. Hurry it up, please and thank you:


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