Traveling This Thanksgiving? These Accessories Make Flying a Breeze

We're all thankful that Thanksgiving 2021 is looking quite different from last year's socially distanced get-togethers, and a lot more of us will be traveling to see family this time around.

Of course, if you haven't been traveling a lot over the last year and a half, you may find that airplane rides are a little more hectic in this day and age. Lucky for you, there are some great accessories to help get you through the whole ordeal. Need some guidance? Here are our favorite items to help make your Thanksgiving travel a breeze.

Nodpod: $34

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to fall asleep easily on planes, but Nodpod definitely helps. This unique eye mask is like a weighted blanket for your eyes, applying gentle pressure that not only blocks out light but also helps facilitate calm and sleep. We refuse to travel without ours—and it's just as useful on the ground as it is in the sky.

nodpod woman with blush pink nodpod

(via Nodpod)


Rush Charge Mini: $19.99

There's nothing worse than getting trapped on a multi-hour flight with a dead phone, so a portable charger is a life-saver. If you're looking for something compact, but that still packs a punch, we can't recommend Rush Charge's Mini option enough. It comes in five different colors and is available with either an Apple Lightning charger or Micro USB charger, depending on the type of phone you have, to cover all your needs.


(via Rush Charge)


Mixhers Herdefense: $58

Do you always get sick after flying? We recommend Mixhers Herdefense sticks, which you can add to water to turn into a tasty immunity-boosting beverage. These sticks are packed with vitamin C, zinc, beta-glucans, quercetin and ashwagandha to keep yourself in tip-top shape. It's designed not just to prevent things like colds, but also migraines and UTIs, so you're covered for pretty much any eventuality.

Mixhers herdefense

(via Mixhers)


KicksBySammy Girls Rock Pouch: $38

No one likes to constantly be digging around in huge carry-on bags when they're traveling, which is why we always recommend carrying a travel pouch with all of your necessities in one place. And your seat organizer might as well be as cute as possible, right? We love this KicksBySammy Girls Rock Pouch, which is also customizable. You can also color it in with markers if that strikes your fancy!

Kicksbysammy girls rock pouch

(via KicksBySammy)


Halolife Black Mesh Sports Mask With Halo Nanofilter Technology: $29.95

When you have to wear a mask for an entire flight, you're going to want it to be as comfortable as possible, and Halolife's masks get the job done. Not only do they come in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit, but they also come with a replaceable filter that's good for more than 200 hours. They also have adjustable ear straps and a latex nose pad that gives a secure fit and prevents foggy glasses. This mask is breathable and moisture-wicking, and once you've tried one, it'll be hard going back to anything else.

HaloMask Black Mask With Filter

(via Inex Gear)


Vida Vaccination Card Holder: $20

Depending on where you're headed during your travels, your vaccination card just might be your all-access pass to places like restaurants and concerts. Since that's something you definitely don't want to lose, we can't recommend getting a vaccination cardholder, like this one from Vida, enough. It safely holds your card and puts it on full display for easy access.

vida vaccination card holder

(via Vida)


Palette by Pak Spatty x Palette + The Original High Fiver Set: $45

Can't bring all of your favorite cosmetics with you in your carry-on? Palette by Pak's Original High Fiver contains five secure mini-containers to keep all of your essential skincare and makeup products in one compact and convenient place, and they're numbered so there's never any confusion. We also recommend getting the Spatty, which makes it even easier to apply your favorites without any mess.

Palette by Park the original high fiver wutg spatty

(via Palette by Pak)


Loop Quiet Earplugs: $14.95

Airplanes can be noisy, so whether you're trying to get some much-needed rest or just want peace and quiet while you're trying to read something, we suggest a good pair of Loop Quiet Earplugs. These awesome earplugs come in six colors, but more importantly, they reduce noise from 25 to 27 decibels, so you can tune out the world.

Loop Quiet functions

(via Loop)


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