7 Things to Say When Someone Asks What You're Thankful for on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving—you either love it, or you hate it.

You love it if there's amazing food, good company and sweet memories. You hate it, on the other hand, if you're inundated with questions by relatives, friends and your immediate family. Whether they're asking about your plans for the future, if you're dating someone (they seriously need to let this one go) or about your recent SAT score, they always manage to cross a line.

Everyone comes together, however, when it's time to eat. The mood lightens when it's time to go around the table and say what everyone's thankful for. Have you always struggled with this part of the holiday? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Scroll below for seven examples of things to say you're thankful for this Thanksgiving:

For when you want to compliment the chef:

"I'm thankful for great food and even greater company. Thank you for cooking an incredible meal. I appreciate all the time and energy you put in!"


(Friends via NBC)


For when you want to show how grateful you are for the amazing life you have:

"I'm thankful for this meal and the fact that we're lucky enough to be sitting here together."


For when you want to tell your new S.O. how thankful you are for them:

"I'm thankful for new love. Meeting my partner has opened me up to so many possibilities. I have been changed for the better."


For when you want to express your thanks for those who have passed:

"I'm thankful for those not present with us here today. I will always remember them and cherish the memories we had together."


For when things are getting a little too emotional and you want to lighten the mood:

"I'm thankful for binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix and Disney Plus. Don't know how I'd survive without them!"


(Friends via NBC)


For when you want to show your thanks for your health:

"I'm thankful for my body, mind and spirit. Health is something we're all guilty of taking for granted, so I'd like to express my gratitude for how easy I have it."


For when you don't want your fur babies to feel left out:

"I'm thankful for my pets. They bring me so much joy and don't even know it. I can't help but smile when they're around."


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