That Moment: Behind the Scenes Of the Spoof!

Last week, One Direction released footage from behind the scenes of the photo shoot for their new fragrance, That Moment! This week, they released the behind the scenes of that comedy footage!That Moment Niall Horan One Direction Girolle

The new video shows us some hilarious bloopers and outtakes as actor Kayvan Novak plays the role of French photographer Girolle, and keeps forgetting his character's name and mixing it up with his assistant's!

As Girolle's antics get sillier and sillier, the boys of One Direction can't help put lose their composure and crack up as they try to shoot for their That Moment ad!

Kayvan even breaks character when things get so hilarious he can't keep it together!

Check out the new clip below and tell us what you think in the comments! We also have an exciting One Direction contest coming soon only at, so stay tuned!