That Moment To Be One Direction's Next Fragrance!

One Direction made an important announcement this morning in anticipation of their upcoming That Moment fragrance!That Moment One Direction

That Moment is the follow up to One Direction's first perfume, Our Moment. As Harry describes in a new video, it's essentially a special edition remix!

"Your reaction to Our Moment has been absolutely amazing," Harry explains in the video. "We're so, so pleased that you guys like it so much."

There has been such a big demand for the fragrance that the band have decided to update it a bit for Directioners!

"People have already been asking what is next for Our Moment so we've come up with a new version of Our Moment with some of the original notes, but with some new stuff," Harry said.

The new fragrance will take the pink grapefruit and jasmine elements, and mix them with new scents including green apple and violet, in a beautiful brand new bottle!

"It's a special edition and it's called That Moment," he says. "We hope you like it as much as we do."

No news yet as to when the fragrance will be released, but we absolutely cannot wait! Tell us in the comments below if you're planning on getting a bottle for yourself, and if you love One Direction join our Directioner community at!