Everything You Need to Know About Indie Pop Band The Aces

If you're not already obsessed with The Aces and their bold brand of shimmery indie pop, ready yourself, because the band is about to explode in a big way.

Their 2018 album When My Heart Felt Volcanic first put them on the map, leading to a tour with 5 Seconds of Summer before selling out their own U.S. headline tour, and 2022 is gearing up to be even bigger for them. Last month, they dropped their new track "Girls Make Me Wanna Die," an all-too-relatable vibrant, summery ode to crushing hard and unrequited love, and we haven't stopped listening to it since. They're also totally crush-worthy themselves, and here's everything we learned about them as our latest Woman Crush Wednesdays.

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Name: Katie Henderson

Hometown: Orem, Utah

Birthday: January 22

Zodiac sign: Aquarius



Name: McKenna Petty

Hometown: Orem, Utah

Birthday: April 1

Zodiac sign: Aries

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Name: Alisa Ramirez

Hometown: Orem, Utah

Birthday: October 7

Zodiac sign: Libra



Name: Cristal Ramirez

Hometown: Orem, Utah

Birthday: December 25

Zodiac sign: Capricorn


Fun Facts:

1. Katie's biggest guilty pleasure is her love for horrible reality TV.

"Love Island, Bachelor in Paradise, Love Is Blind. All of it."

-Katie Henderson

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2. Ken is not a Starbucks person.

"I'm kind of a snob when it comes to all things food, treats or drinks and you won't usually find me at a Starbucks. I'm more of a third-wave coffee shop kind of girl—but my coffee order is usually a decaf latte with oat milk!"

-McKenna Petty


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3. Alisa's dream vacation would be someplace beachy, like Tahiti or Fiji.

"Somewhere with blue water and white sand."

-Alisa Ramirez

4. Cristal and Alisa's dad is Honduran and would always make them Honduran enchiladas when they were growing up.

"We would make a whole night out of it. It's a favorite childhood memory of mine!"

-Cristal Ramirez

5. Katie's biggest celebrity crush at the moment is Lily James, but when she was younger, she probably would have said either Natalie Portman or Blake Lively.

6. Ken often gets trending TikTok songs stuck in her head. The latest?

"Probably 'About Damn Time' by Lizzo."

-McKenna Petty


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7. Call Me By Your Name never fails to make Alisa cry.

"Specifically the ending monologue from Elio's dad… so beautiful!"

-Alisa Ramirez

8. Cristal thinks she'd make a terrible accountant.

"Lol. I could never."

-Cristal Ramirez

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9. Katie's favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving.

"I love spending the whole day with my family, eating my aunt's strawberry rhubarb pie and watching the football games with my dad. It's just always been a simple, fun day."

-Katie Henderson

10. Ken's go-to nail polish colors are black or a really good blue.

"It's simple and classic and you can't go wrong."

-McKenna Petty

11. Alisa says her Libra zodiac sign describes her too well.

"I am a Libra through and through."

-Alisa Ramirez


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12. If Cristal could only shop at one type of place, she'd pick local vintage stores.

13. Katie says she couldn't live without snacking on popcorn.

"I am a popcorn connoisseur."

-Katie Henderson

14. Ken would love to get better at gardening.

"I finally have the space for it at my new house and have always wanted a garden. I'm quickly realizing how much work and skill it requires though!"

-McKenna Petty

15. The best concert Alisa ever attended was being side stage to see The 1975 headlining Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Unreal. Waited years to see them."

-Alisa Ramirez

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16. Cristal and her girlfriend have a chihuahua-pitbull mix puppy they adopted together.

"Her name is Birdie and she's the best dog ever."

-Cristal Ramirez


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17. Katie's always been a big sports fan.

"No matter how much I'm made fun of for it, I love sports. Go Jazz."

-Katie Henderson

18. Ken definitely sees cooking as a way to bring people together.

"One of my favorite things in the world is to make a meal for my loved ones! I love to host and cook so much."

-McKenna Petty

19. Alisa says she'll never say no to a good time.

20. Cristal is obsessed with maraschino cherries.

"it's my sickness."

-Cristal Ramirez


Haven't seen the music video for "Girls Make Me Wanna Die" yet? Check it out below!


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