The Fastest Way to Ripen Avocados Is With This Sock

There's no denying avocados are amazing.

Any dish instantly tastes that much better with the addition of avocados. Plus, they're filled with plenty of nutritional goodness like potassium and protein. Heck, they can even moisturize dry skin and repair damaged hair. What more could you ask for from a fruit?

Though we love these green gems to no avail, they can be a bit problematic—especially when it comes to their ripening process.

Every time we visit the store to pick some up, it seems we either choose ones that are too ripe or aren't ripe at all. And while you can just wait for the unripe ones to become ripe, more often than not, we end up using them once it's too late.

Luckily, there's a beacon of hope for all of you who also struggle with this problem, and it comes in the form of a sock.

Allow us the pleasure of introducing you to one of the greatest inventions of all time, the Avocado Sock.

The Avocado Sock in green

The warmth of the wool sock gently and evenly ripens an avocado in as little as 24 hours. It may take two to three days, depending on how ripe the avocado is, but the product guarantees it'll never bruise the fruit.

Of course, we couldn't just take their word for it, so we put the sock to a little test of our own.

We picked out the least ripe avocado we could find at our local grocery store and left it in the sock for 24 hours.

Turns out, the sock does what it promises. Here's a little before and after pic of our test subject as proof:

Before and after of an avocado being ripened faster with the help of the Avocado Sock

Beauty is only skin deep, so we had to cut our avocado open to see if there were any bruises.

The sock kept its word—there wasn't even the slightest amount of bruising on our avocado. It was pretty much the most beautiful avocado we've ever seen. Wouldn't you agree?

Ripen avocado

It didn't just look good, it was quite delicious, too. We topped the avocado with some salt, pepper and Tapatío hot sauce and devoured it faster than you can say avocado.

It was the perfect texture and came right off the peel with minimal force from a plastic fork.

Costing $14.99, the Avocado Sock is definitely worth purchasing. It ripens avocados quickly and gently, leaving you with a flawless avo every time.

Depending on how many avocados you purchase at a time, you might want to invest in more than one sock, seeing as each sock can only ripen one avocado at a time.

It'd be great if there were one giant sock that could ripen a whole bunch of avocados at once. Until then, you can find us using our little Avocado Sock on all the unripe avos we can find.


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