The Best Things to Come Out of Clayton's Season of The Bachelor

If you're a fan of the Bachelor franchise (and if you're anything like us, you are), then there's a pretty good chance that you're still not over that shocker finale of the most reason season.

While they seem to say it every single time a new Bachelor or Bachelorette is crowned, Clayton's season might just have been the "most dramatic season ever." From drama about shrimp (never forget Shrimp Gate 2022) to some seriously difficult-to-watch moments of emotional turmoil and gaslighting, this season was full of curveballs that make the bachelor himself pretty hard to like in the end.

However, that's not to say that there aren't plenty of great things that came out of this season as well! While you get over fuming about Clayton's poor decision-making skills, check out our list of the best things to come from this season here (spoilers ahead, in case you're still catching up):

1. The Memes

First and foremost, this season was fuel for comedy gold. If you follow any Bachelor Nation accounts on social media, your feed was no doubt graced with everything from reaction GIFs to memes about Clayton and Jesse looking all-too-similar and everything in between. Plus, Gabby's facial reactions alone are enough to make you love her, especially when they find their way into meme form.


2. A New Host

After all the drama that happened with Chris Harrison and the temporary double-hosting of last year, it felt kind of nice to have one solid host this time around. While Jesse Palmer might not have been the perfect host, it was his first time around after all. It was also nice to see his interactions with both Bachelor Clayton and the contestants, especially since he went through the experience himself many seasons ago.


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3. The Return of Our Wanderlust

The infamous mansion wasn't the only Bachelor trope we saw the return of this season. This was the first season since Peter's back in 2020 that we actually got to see the contestants travel abroad again (not counting Bachelor in Paradise, that is), and wow did we miss those fantastical landscapes and all the romance they can bring! While it may have started small with the trip to Canada, we quickly felt the need to add Croatia, Austria and Iceland to our travel bucket lists (hopefully with a bit less of all those weird food challenges, though).


4. Women Supporting Women

While there was no shortage of petty drama, body shaming and worse this season, we did see female friendships truly take the spotlight in a wonderful way. From the contestants standing up for Elizabeth early on to truly supporting each other when things got tough, it was really refreshing to see the women outshine the lead like never before.


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5. Gabby & Rachel

And finally, the real best thing we got from this season: Our next Bachelorettes! While no one (including, seemingly, the two of them) really knows how exactly it's going to work, we cannot wait to see these two gorgeous, strong women grace our screens once again in the shining role. And even if they hadn't been named the next leads of Bachelor Nation, the way that they had each other's backs and held nothing but respect for each other the whole time along is truly something to admire.



Now, all we have to do is actually wait for Gabby and Rachel's season to air—and that won't be until July, apparently (insert crying emoji here). Until then, you can fill that hole in your heart with some other TV gold. Need some ideas? We can help. Just click HERE for a few reasons you need this app for all your entertainment recommendations.