23 Lyrics From The Beatles to Use as Instagram Captions

The Beatles have been around for a long time and are arguably the most popular "boy band" to have ever existed.

We guarantee you've heard a Beatles song at some point—and can even recite some lyrics, too! Let's face it, with the graphic T-shirt trend going full force, you're bound to come across a Beatles tee at your favorite vintage shop.

Because there's just no escaping this iconic band, why not use them for Insta inspo? Keep reading for 23 lyrics from The Beatles that make excellent Instagram captions.

For that scenic picture of the sun in the sky:

"Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes."

-"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"


"For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun."

-"I'll follow the sun."


"Good day sunshine."

-"Good Day Sunshine"


"The sun is up. The sky is blue. It's beautiful, and so are you."

-"Dear Prudence"


"Here comes the sun."

"Here Comes the Sun"

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For when you're in love and want to show off your S.O.:

"In the end the love you take, is equal to the love you make."

-"The End"


"Love is old. Love is new. Love is all. Love is you."



"All you need is love."

"Love Is All You Need"


"Eight days a week, I love you."

-"Eight Days a Week"


"Money can't buy me love."

-"Can't Buy Me Love"

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For that pic of you and the whole squad:

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

-"With a Little Help From My Friends"


"You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one."



"Come together, right now, over me."

-"Come Together"


"Don't carry the world upon your shoulders."

-"Hey Jude"

For that photo of you and your S.O. kissing:

"The best things in life are free."

-"Money (That's What I Want)"


"Close your eyes and I'll kiss you."

-"All My Loving"


"I want you so bad, it's driving me mad."

-"I Want You"


"How could I dance with another, when I saw her standing there."

-"I Saw Her Standing There"


"I wanna go, but I hate to leave you."

-"I'll Be Back"

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For when you and your bestie are posing together:

"You say goodbye, and I say hello."

-"Hello, Goodbye"


"There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be."

-"All You Need is Love"


"Let it be."

-"Let it Be"


"In my life, I love you more."

-"In My Life"


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