The Top 5 Adele Songs of All Time

Today, we're celebrating Adele's 35th birthday.

This British pop diva has forged one of the most impactful careers in the entertainment industry with only four albums. Each consecutive release has gone at least 3x platinum in the United States, and she's received nearly 200 awards across her journey, including 25 GRAMMY Awards, 12 Brit Awards and 18 Billboard Music Awards. 

With over 60 songs in her discography, there's a strong chance you feel passionate about at least one of her songs. To honor Adele's legacy, we've ranked our five top songs. Continue scrolling to see if your favorite Adele song made our list.

5. 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' — 25

Adele's musical expertise shines within her commanding ballads, so when she presented "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" as the album's second track, we questioned whether we were entering a new era of pure pop Adele. That's not to say Adele has never traversed upbeat pop—but her last foray, in our opinion, traces back to 19 with "Right As Rain." Though, we quickly realized Adele maintained the core of her artistry on 25.

With that said, "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" solidifies Adele's range. She's able to span genres in a way that's uniquely Adele, whether that be due to the acoustic, folk-inspired instrumentation or the powerful production of her vocals. She can talk about falling in love, painful breaks or moving forward, all in an evocative way.


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4. 'I Drink Wine' — 30

Adele's "I Drink Wine" is the most honest representation of a breakup from a person who's healed, and overall, evidence of her growing maturity over the years. Yes, the tears still flow as they would in any teenage breakup, but there's no careless fury.

Instead, there's self-reflection. Sure, that person in her life wasn't completely innocent, but there was a moment of understanding how her flaws might have led up to the ending. Adele vulnerably reveals that she's become a person she doesn't like, seeking approval from others and obsessing over things beyond her control. There's no realistic value in salvaging the relationship over the "what ifs." All she can do now is hope for a better fate in her next one.


3. 'Rolling in the Deep' — 21

"Rolling in the Deep" was our first introduction to Adele in 2011. To be honest, we probably over-listened to it in our preteen years, so it's not a song we reach for when we're scrolling through Adele's discography, but it has aged so well.

In this staple single, Adele finds herself in the heat of vengeance while simultaneously mourning the idea that they "could have had it all." Her frustration is palpable from every corner, from the thunder drum beats to each word being sung with a persuasive conviction. This song is the epitome of a timeless track, with lyrics like "There's a fire starting in my heart/ Reaching a fever pitch, and it's bringing me out the dark" and "Throw your soul through every open door/ Count your blessings to find what you look for" still leaving a burning in our souls.


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2. 'All I Ask' 25

Of every song in Adele's catalog, "All I Ask" is the most emotional. Adele narrates one of the final moments in a failing relationship, grasping what might be the last time she feels the physical and emotional touch of her lover.

The root of this track is its insecurity and fear—it's a perspective that we often don't heart in ballads and breakup songs. Adele blatantly questions, "What if I never love again?" Most would probably believe that it's a silly fear, considering she was only 25, but even that slim chance is still enough to create worry and lead her to hang on to this thinning thread.


1. 'Melt My Heart to Stone' — 19

Adele'19, as a whole, has an extremely special place in our hearts. Strangely enough, many of our favorite albums were written when the artist was 19: Lorde's Melodrama and Taylor Swift'Speak Now. There's something magical about the last few moments of being a teenager, not quite an adult but no longer a kid. Everything feels like a new chapter—the relationships you build have more depth, and your experiences have more impact on your future.

19 is the epitome of these growing pains, but especially "Melt My Heart To Stone." In this B-side, Adele feels the heightened hurt of one of her very first breakups. It was probably the first time she bared her soul to someone and watched what was once reciprocated love turn into something unrequited.

Our theory is that "Melt My Heart To Stone" was the gateway to Adele's signature vulnerability, and this relationship was the one that taught Adele what love really is.


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