The Pet-Lover in Your Life Will Love These Cat and Dog-Themed Holiday Gifts

If you know someone who loves their pets to death, chances are you've seen them get way more excited about a gift for their pet than one for themself—and we don't blame them.

These days, there is so much good stuff for dogs and cats, from treats to toys, outfits and so much more. That's why we've compiled a list of the very best pet goodies of the season, which make the ultimate gifts for anyone devoted to their pet.

Doggy Parton Red Gingham Overalls Dress: $14.99

You read that right—Dolly Parton has her own dog line, and it's even cuter than you imagined. Your recipient will literally squeal with delight if you gift them this Red Gingham Overalls Dress from Doggy Parton, transforming their pup into a Southern belle with one adorable and effortless piece. It even has a pocket!

Doggy Parton Red Gingham Overalls Dress

(via Doggy Parton)


The City Loo Dog Potty: $299

Having a dog in the big city can be tough, but The City Loo Dog Potty can make the process a bit easier with a stylish and sanitary place for a pup to do their business. It's way less icky (and so much cuter) than potty pads, and is designed for dogs 15 lbs. and under.

The City Loo Dog Potty

(via The City Loo)


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Paw Power Nutrition Dawg Butter Blue Biotic: $16.99

For the pooch that loves peanut butter and its adoring owner, Paw Power Dawg Butter makes a great gift. It's completely pet safe, with this Butter Blue Biotic variety being boosted by the power of blueberries. It's tasty for dogs and packed with antioxidants while also being full of probiotics to promote good gut heath, and prebiotics to feed those probiotics.

Paw Power Nutrition Dawg Butter Blue Biotic

(via Paw Power Nutrition)


Triple T Studios Cat Tent and Bed: $26.99

Why does all of the good stuff have to be made for pets? This cute Cat Tent from Triple T Studios doubles as a bed, with a removable, washing machine-safe cat mat inside for all kinds of cozy kitty campouts. It also comes in two different patterns, to fit the style of your favorite cat fiend.

Triple T Studios Cat Tent and Bed

(via Triple T Studios)


archie & alfred Everyday Dog Harness: $42

Anyone who loves their dog knows that dog harnesses are superior to collars for walking, so gift a harness that's both chic and practical this season with help from archie & alfred. It's designed to be comfy yet strong, and comes in three different adjustable sizes to fit most pups, while being easy to put on and take off for quick walks. It also has a front pocket, in case extra storage is needed.

archie & alfred Everyday Dog Harness

(via archie & alfred)


Zoop Health + Odor Grooming Wipes: $18.99

We don't know many pets who love baths, and Zoop's Health + Odor Grooming Wipes are perfect for cleanups in between bathing sessions. These individually wrapped wipes are made for both cats and dogs and are formulated for all-over use. A good wipe-down every six days will keep skin healthy and fur stink-free, so the owner doesn't have to get clawed in the bathtub as often.

Zoop Health + Odor Grooming Wipes

(via Zoop)


MeUndies The Simpsons Dog Hoodie: $28

There are few things more adorable than a dog in a hoodie, and MeUndies has some of the most fabulous options we've seen. They're made with absurdly soft MicroModal, which sustainably comes from trees, and a front zipper makes it easy to wear, while a buttonhole in the back makes it possible for wear during walks. We can't get enough of this pink The Simpsons pattern, but they have all kinds of styles to suit the person (and dog) you're gifting to.

MeUndies The Simpsons Dog Hoodie

(via MeUndies)


Cat Amazing Mega: $34.95

No one wants their cat to get into extra trouble because they're bored, and Cat Amazing's unique cardboard mazes for cats are just the thing to keep them engaged and enriched for hours on end. Treats or food are put inside of its three levels and 27 sections to exercise cats' bodies as well as minds as they "hunt" for their meals, while slowing down eating also helps digestion.

Cat Amazing Mega

(via Cat Amazing)


laēlap Starla Personalized Necklace: $75+

For anyone who wants their pet to always be the most stylish lady in the room, there are laēlap's stunning personalized necklaces. They're reminiscent of the cutest '90s friendship bracelets and come with custom letter beads with the pet's name on them. Our favorite is the Starla, with its shimmery yellow gem beads. The bracelets are shockingly sturdy, and there's even an attachment piece available for bigger dogs—and a human version in case the pet parent would definitely want to match.

laēlap Starla Personalized Necklace

(via laēlap)


laēlap Tobi Fleece Varsity Jacket: $78

For the gentlemen dogs out there, laēlap also has clothing options, including this irresistible Tobi Fleece Varsity Jacket. The teddy bear sweater vest look is too sweet, with stretchy bottom sleeves and a super plush interior. It also comes in various sizes, making cute dogs, big or small, somehow even cuter.

laēlap Tobi Fleece Varsity Jacket

(via laēlap)


WHIMZEES by Wellness Brushzees: Find Near You

While it's recommended that a dog's teeth are brushed twice a day, we don't know anyone who gets even close to that. Thankfully, dental treats can help, and dogs find Brushzees from WHIMZEES impossible to resist. They're designed with unique grooves and ridges to remove plaque and tartar as the dog chews—and they think they're just getting a special snack.

Whimzees Brushzees



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For Wellness Rewarding Life: Find Near You

For the pet owner who's still teaching their pup the ropes, training treats are a must, and For Wellness's Rewarding Life options are some of the best. Dogs will drool over their meaty flavors and soft feel, and they're also all-natural and grain-free, so they don't have to eat junk to feel like they did a good job. For Wellness Rewarding Life

(via For Wellness)


DOG by Dr. Lisa Calm Cologne: $25

Here's another one for the stinky dogs out there. DOG by Dr. Lisa's Calm Cologne doesn't just mask bad scents with an awesome-smelling, plant-based blend of lavender and bergamot, but also acts as a calming scent for rowdy dogs. The pup will love it as much as the owner—and that's saying something.

DOG by Dr. Lisa Calm Cologne

(via DOG by Dr. Lisa )


Grand Fusion Housewares Pet Hair Remover Dryer Balls: $9.99

Just because people love their pets doesn'mean they love getting loose fur all over their clothes and other belongings, clogging up the dryer. That's precisely what these Grand Fusion Housewares Pet Hair Remover Dryer Balls are for, collecting up icky bits of fur, hair and lint during the tumble cycle to leave clothes looking flawlessly clean.

Grand Fusion Housewares Pet Hair Remover Dryer Balls

(via Grand Fusion Housewares)


Evermore Quad Sampler: $55

Some people will only feed their dogs the best of the best foods, and you can't do much better than Evermore's gently cooked, frozen fresh dog meals. They replicate great home cooking, without the work, using human-grade ingredients so they're packed with nutrition as well as flavor. This Quad Sampler includes all four recipes—chicken, beef, lamb and turkey—to help the most-loved dog you know get spoiled just a little more.

Evermore Quad Sampler

(via Evermore)


Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Bites Freeze-Dried Raw Bison Liver Dog Treats: $24.99

Picky dog owners also won't feed their pets any old treats, which is why they'll love Ultimate Pet Nutrition's Nutra Bites. They're made with raw bison liver, so they're maxed out with protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, without a lot of calories, for all kinds of health benefits for pups.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Bites Freeze-Dried Raw Bison Liver Dog Treats

(via Ultimate Pet Nutrition)


Springer Pets Walk Bag + Leash: $95

A great dog deserves an equally fabulous leash, and this Walk Bag + Leash set from Springer Pets is functional while boasting a great aesthetic. They come in four colors, with an adjustable leash and a pouch that has a built-in poop bag dispenser, a treat pocket and even a pocket for a tennis ball, with extra space for belongings and even credit card slots for when pup parents don't want to bring a bag.

Springer Pets Walk Bag + Leash

(via Springer Pets)


The Foggy Dog Boho Mud Cloth Dog Bow Tie: $20

Proper pups need this cute bowtie from  The Foggy Dog in their lives. It's got elastic bands to slip over any dog collar and is dyed with fermented mud for a look that works for both casual and fancy affairs, so their owner is guaranteed to love it.

The Foggy Dog Boho Mud Cloth Dog Bow Tie

(via Patet)


fable Eat + Enrich Set: $63

fable has the very best enriching toys for dogs, and this set includes the brand's famous The Game and Falcon Toy, designed to keep dogs healthy and motivated. They have to play and figure out the tricks to get the food inside, activating their desire to hunt and helping them exercise mentally as well as physically while keeping boredom at bay.

fable Eat + Enrich Set

(via fable)


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P.L.A.Y. Peek-a-boo Mouse Interactive Cat Toy: $27.90

This battery-powered Peek-a-boo Mouse Interactive Cat Toy from P.L.A.Y. is sure to keep cats on their toes. A fake mouse pops in and out of the holes at random, so cats never know what to expect, and the toy can be set to two different speeds for different cats' needs. It's simple, yet effective, making it a great gift for the cat-owner who's eager to keep their cat happy.

(via P.L.A.Y.)


Sugarwish Dog Treats: $23+

Make any dog owner feel really special with the gift of Sugarwish Dog Treats. With more than 30 flavor options to choose from, you can customize each box with the likes of the pup in mind, starting with two-treat boxes all the way up to ones featuring 24 choices. These baked, chewy treats are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives or filler, and they look almost good enough for us to eat. We're kind of jealous they're not people treats!

Sugarwish Dog Treats

(via Sugarwish)


MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Cat Dish: $48

A fabulous cat shouldn't have to drink from any old dish, but this Courtly Check Enamel Cat Dish from Mackenzie-Childs will please even the pickiest of kitties. It's hand-painted with a striking checkerboard pattern in black and white and has a heavy steel base and bronzed stainless steel ring, so it'll stay where it needs to for thirsty cats.

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Cat Dish

(via MacKenzie-Childs)


~Pourri Pawesome Aroma Bundle: $47.56

There's no denying that even some of the most beloved pets can also be a bit smelly, and ~Pourri has a whole lineup of great, pet-safe products designed to deal with stink. The Pawesome Aroma Bundle comes with both a full-size and travel-sized Pet~Pourri room spray, neutralizing odors while giving off a light, breezy aroma, plus two yummy-smelling candles that'll stop pet smells dead in their tracks.

Pourri pawesome aroma bundle

(via ~Pourri)



IKEA LURVIG Pet Travel Bag: $31.99

For the friend who can't leave home without their beloved pet by their side, there's this sleek and stylish LURVIG Pet Travel Bag from IKEA. With its carrying handle and windows, it's perfect for taking cats or dogs on the go, and we adore the black and white geometric pattern and the fact that it folds up into a comfy bed when it's not in use. It can also hold pets of up to 33 lbs, so even slightly bigger dogs can come along for the ride.

Ikea Lurvig pet travel bag

(via IKEA)


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