6 Essential Oils to Combat Anxiety

For those who value structure, the summer months can become a breeding ground for anxiety. No classes and more vacation days might leave you spending time alone, which can create space for unproductive and toxic thoughts to crowd your mind.

Thankfully, we have many natural options to, at the very least, alleviate some of your anxiety, with one of those being aromatherapy. Below, we've found six of the best essential oils to help manage your anxiety.

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Valerian root is one of the most natural sleep aids, next to melatonin. Because of its sedative effect, it can relax your mind and slow your heartbeat—so if your anxiety creeps up at bedtime, this oil will be especially useful for you.

One important thing to note is that this oil has a potential sour smell. For those who are sensitive to musky scents, you'll likely benefit more from floral and citrus oils.


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Lavender is another oil that is known to make you relaxed. As opposed to valerian root, lavender has a much more pleasant scent, and you'll also be able to find it as a lotion, body wash or bath soak.

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Chamomile is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory qualities. You've probably seen it used to relieve the itching from bug bites or rashes or to help keep stomach problems at bay, but did you know it can also be used to chill your anxious mind? Anxiety is commonly linked with inflammation in the brain, so no wonder!

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We're so used to lemon and other citrus fruits connected to energy, and who wants to feel more high-powered at the height of an anxious moment? Turns out, the effects of lemon are believed to improve your mood, and the energy you receive is a byproduct of happiness.

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Ylang Ylang

One of the most common indicators of prolonged anxiety is high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat, and having both of these symptoms can be extremely debilitating and lead to even more anxiety. If you're troubled by the physical effect of anxiety, ylang ylang is great for solving both of those problems and may boost your mood.



Like chamomile, ashwagandha is known for its anti-inflammatory abilities and proven to be neuroprotective.  Because of its relaxing properties, ashwagandha is often paired with melatonin to help you sleep peacefully through the night.


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