All the Best Fidget and Sensory Toys We're Loving Right Now

We can't be the only ones who are able to think more clearly and attain sharper focus when we're able to fidget with something.

There's something about keeping the hands busy and burning off excess nervous energy that just makes it easier to think, but of course, not all fidget and sensory toys are created equal. There are a lot of products out there that simply don't work for us, which makes it extra special when we land on the ones that do, and if you're looking for some great options, we've listed some of our current favorites below.

SPEKS Crags Magnetic Putty: $19.95

Playing with magnets is already satisfying enough, but when you take hundreds of tiny, smooth magnetic stones and put them together like in this Crags Magnetic Putty from SPEKS, you've got something really special. The sleek texture makes them oddly satisfying to touch and play with, and the magnets are strong enough so that they gently stick together, making them moldable without ever feeling too rigid.

SPEKS Crags Magnetic Putty

(via SPEKS)


SPEKS 2.5mm Magnet Balls: $34.95

We had to include two toys from SPEKS, because the brand really is that good, and their 2.5 mm Magnet Balls are what got us hooked on SPEKS in the first place. Each set contains hundreds of tiny neodymium magnets, with a strong magnetic force that makes them attract, and allows for building up all kinds of cool structures or just squishing them in your hands for stress relief. We definitely recommend their multicolored sets, not just because the rainbow colors are stunning, but because they're also great for anyone who likes to relieve stress by sorting and organizing them back into separate colors once they get all mixed up.

SPEKS 2.5mm Magnet Balls

(via SPEKS)


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Hoglet by Hedgehog Health: $39.99

If you feel like your interactions with your computer don't feel personal or tactile enough, the Hoglet by Hedgehog Health was designed for you. Instead of having the same smooth, lifeless surfaces of the technological devices, this wireless mouse has a unique cover covered in soft, hedgehog-like rubber quills for a grounding experience with your computer. Hoglets come in inviting neon colors and provide a unique feel as well as sound under your fingers, making it great for regular use or just fidgeting while you work or play.

hoglet by hedgehog health

(via Hedgehog Health)


Flower Patch Smunchie: $16

Gone are the days of playing with the hair ties dangling around your wrist thanks to Smunchies. These hair accessories are first and foremost cute scrunchies, coming in all kinds of great colors and patterns, while also doubling as a fidget toy thanks to their unusual smooshable interior. While you're wearing it on your wrist, you can squeeze and pinch it to your heart's desire, while the squishy insides also make them grip onto ponytails better than typical scrunchies, meaning greater lift and hold when you're actually wearing it in your hair.

Flower Patch Smunchie

(via Smunchies Co.)


OG Slimes Sweet Tooth Slime: $15.99

Sometimes, you just need to fidget with something that also smells incredible, which is why scented slimes have exploded in popularity. This Sweet Tooth Slime from OG Slimes combines hard "candy sprinkles" to complement the texture of the fluffy floam slime, and also smells like yummy jelly beans. Just remember, it's not food.


OG Slimes Sweet Tooth Slime

(via OG Slimes)


CONQUERing You Got This Fidget Ring: $34.98

Spinning fidgets can be some of the most satisfying to play with, and wearable options mean you never have to look far to get your mind into gear. CONQUERing has our favorite fidget rings of all, because they also come complete with inspiring messages that are only visible in motion. When spinning, this one reads "You Got This," and guess what? You do!

CONQUERing You Got This Fidget Ring

(via CONQUERing)


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Project Genius Head Spin: $24.99

Looking for a two-player game that engages the mind as well as fidgety fingers? Project Genius's Head Spin game has you covered, combining a game with 200 unique puzzles with a colorful, tactile combination lock for an experience that's way more engaging than your average app.

Project Genius Head Spin

(via Barnes & Noble)


Patet Natural Wood Links: $35

While these Natural Wood Links from Patet might not look like anything special, they make for an unusually engaging fidget toy. They're made with mango wood, providing a smooth texture with lightweight links that clack together in a way that's music to our ears. Even better, they double as a piece of stylish decor, so you can leave them around the house and it'll look like you put them there on purpose—and you'll be reminded to pick them back up again when you return.

Patet Natural Wood Links

(via Patet)


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