5 Best First Date Spots for High School Students

If there's something that seems unnecessarily stressful no matter what age you are, it's going on a first date.

From the act of getting one in the first place to actually planning it out and showing up (after picking the perfect outfit and handling everything else that pops up along the way, of course), it's a situation that can be a lot for anyone to deal with—but especially for anyone who is still in high school.

You're old enough to date, yet young enough to barely know what dating really is outside of what you've seen in film and television. You want to get asked on dates, but actually going on them sounds like more of a hassle than anything else. Thankfully, we're here to help with at least one major part of planning a first date: picking the right spot. So, whether you're about to go on your first first date ever or have been around the block a few times already, you can't go wrong with one of the ideas you'll find on this list of the best first date spots for high school students:

1. A Local Bookstore

This is the perfect first date spot if you want to take a slightly more creative route, as you can turn it into a whole activity if you want by picking books that you think the other person might like. Even if you'd rather go the more traditional "let's just chat and get to know each other" way, you can do that in the calming ambiance of the bookstore coffee shop. It truly is a win-win that just might win you some extra points from your date, too.

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2. A Bakery

Here's the idea: after greeting your date, you agree to pick up a few desserts or baked goods that appeal to each of you and try them out together. Not only is this a simply delicious idea for a first date, but it gives you each something to talk about right off the bat if you're a little more on the shy side.

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3. A School Play or Talent Show

Support your fellow students while also shaking it up from the usual "dinner and a movie" first date by suggesting that you attend the next school show together! It gets you both talking about something while also avoiding awkward silences, and that's a combination that leads to success more often than not for a first date.

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4. Anywhere That's Great for Watching the Sunset

Do you live near a beach? A lake? A building with an accessible public rooftop? Wherever your town or city has that would be perfect for watching the sunset, schedule your first date around it. To keep it a little more casual, suggest you take a walk before or after dinner (depending on timing) to make sure you catch the sunset views without "trying too hard."

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5. A Pottery Painting Shop

Get your paintbrushes ready and prepare for a great first date—and one that doesn't have nearly as much pressure involved as a dinner date where you're left staring at each other from across the table for most of the time. If you have some sort of pottery painting shop in your area, suggest it as a more creative first date spot. You could even make it extra fun by betting on who you think might make the better creation in the end (hey, not everyone is born to be an artist).

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Of course, the real perfect first date spot is the one that feels right for you. But if you need some more dating advice to get you through past the first date, click HERE for some dating advice we wish we'd known sooner.