The Best Gifts for Horror Fans

While it may not be for everyone, horror is a genre that has some seriously loyal fans.

In fact, there's a good chance that you're friends with a total scary movie buff (not to mention a good chance that they've tried to drag you to many a horror film before whether or not you wanted to watch it). Regardless of whether you're a fan of all things spooky or not yourself, you can find some ideas for gifts to buy for the horror fan you know right here:

This Game of Trivial Pursuit to Test Their Knowledge of a Century of Horror: $27.95

Know someone who's always bragging about their extensive knowledge of all things horror? Put their skills to the test with this game of Trivial Pursuit based on 100 years of horror films.

Trivial pursuit horror edition

(via Always Fits)


This Color-Changing Mug That Reveals an Image Scarier Than a Lack of Caffeine: $17

The best gift for the caffeine-addicted horror fan you know is easily this mug from Amazon, which reveals a bloody good image once a hot beverage is poured inside.

Aigori halloween coffee mug

(via Amazon)


This Sweatshirt That Features All Their Favorite 'Friends': $26.34

If they'd rather watch the shenanigans of characters with names like Freddy, Michael Myers and Pennywise than that of Rachel, Ross and Chandler, then this sweatshirt from Etsy is the perfect gift.

Milanostyletee horror friends sweater etsy

(via MilanoStyleTee/Etsy)


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A Horror-Themed Candle So They Don't Get Afraid of the Dark: $27

This gift from Etsy is a bestseller for a reason, as it comes in several different options for different films, scents and candle toppers like stones and other goodies.

moonlightmindfulness etsy horror candles

(via MoonlightMindfulness/Etsy)


This 5-Piece Bamboo Cooking Utensil Set: $13

For the horror movie fan who likes to get crafty in the kitchen, this bamboo spoon set is the perfect gift (and it comes in at lucky $13, too).

atresspaffer horror movie wooden spoons

(via Amazon)


This Planter That (Hopefully) Won't Make Their Plant the Next Victim: $25+

This Friday the 13th-inspired Jason planter is a great gift for the horror fan who still likes to liven up their living space, even if it's based on a character that does quite the opposite.

etsy doolittledorks jason planter

(via DoolittleDorks/Etsy)


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This Mousepad to Add a Little Something Special to Their Desk Space: $10

Quite possibly the cutest item on this list of the best gifts for horror fans is this Scream-themed mousepad, which features an almost adorable cartoon version of everyone's favorite hometown villain.

etsy wolfescraftcorner scream ghostface mouse pad

(via WolfesCraftCorner/Etsy)


Ready to make their day so special it's almost scary? One of the options from our list of the best gifts for horror fans is sure to do the trick. Of course, you can always get a couple more ideas as well from our list of the perfect gifts for true crime fans by clicking HERE.