The Perfect Gifts for Star Trek Fans

Trying to impress a Star Trek fan that you know?

Whether you yourself fall into the category of total Trekkie, casual fan or completely clueless, you don't need to search the whole galaxy to find the perfect gift. Instead, simply scroll through our list of the best gifts for Star Trek fans. Get ready to beam them up with:

This Captain's Log Notebook: $8.95

Simple enough to please even someone as strict as Spock, this notebook makes a great gift for any Trekkie who needs to jot down notes and stay organized while still showing a little love for their favorite series.

star trek captains log notebook

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This Heat-Changing Mug: $17.95

If they always have a cup of coffee on their captain's desk, this is the perfect gift. When hot liquid is poured in, classic characters get beamed up before their eyes for a uniquely interactive sipping experience.

star trek color changing mug

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This Ultra-Soft Cotton T-Shirt: $17.49

Help them wear their pride on their sleeve (literally) with this unisex T-shirt from Etsy, which comes in a plethora of colors so you can customize the gift to suit the specific fan you know.

etsy stronggirlfinds star trek shirt

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This Dog Collar for the Pet-Loving Fan: $11.13

For the fan whose pet is the only thing they love more than Star Trek, this dog collar couldn't be a better gift choice. And at less than $15, it's also affordable, so you can tack on a few extra items from this list.

star Trek to boldly go dog collar

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This Starship Pizza Cutter: $26

Help them make their pizza nights a little extra special with this must-have item, which is a great pick for any fan of Star Trek Discovery (or just pizza, really).

star trek discovery pizza cutter
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This Cozy Hat: $27

Keep them warm even on the final frontier with this cute and cozy hat, which features the original Star Trek insignia to impress any fan.

star trek space the final frontier beanie

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These Starfleet-Certified Pajama Pants: $22+

Speaking of cozy gifts, these adjustable-waist PJ pants are some of the best there are. While they might not be ideal for going off on any intergalactic adventures, they sure are great for dreaming of those adventures (in style, of course).

bioworld star trek pajama pants

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This Set of The Next Generation Socks: $16.95

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a solid set of socks when searching for the perfect gift. We picked these crew socks from Amazon as the ideal option, as they feature a classic pattern of the Starfleet uniform that any Trekkie would recognize.

star trek the next generation uniform crew socks

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From stocking stuffers to keepsakes and everything in between, the items on this list are good enough to add to your cart at hyper speed. But if the fan you're shopping for is a little more Star Wars than Star Trek, you can click HERE for our list of the perfect gifts for Star Wars fans.