The Best K-Pop Tracks of September 2022 Featuring ENHYPHEN, BLACKPINK, NCT 127 and More

The first month of fall brought us comebacks from two of the biggest  K-pop groups in the game right now, as well as one of the fastest rising. We felt like "one in a billion" listening to these tracks last month as these artists truly "shut it down."

Not only did September mark the beginning of fall and an eruption of amazing comebacks, but it also brought us so much closer to more K-pop tours. With that being said, we attended as many live shows as we could, which made it even harder to pick just one song to vie for our favorite release from the month of September—which is why we just had to include six different releases.

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'One In A Billion' by ENHYPHEN

The fast-rising group ENHPYHEN released "One In A Billion" just in time to kick off their U.S. tour, which we were fortunate enough to see. It was a concert full of nonstop hits and crisp performances, including the stunning new single. With its heavy rock elements backed by crisp drums, the song has been on repeat for us since its release—and don't intend to stop listening anytime soon.


'Designer' by NCT 127

We were also lucky enough to recently see NCT 127 perform live in concert, and (besides a few songs we wish were on the setlist) the group truly outdid themselves with a stellar show. Of those absent songs, their new release "Designer," was one we missed most. We hope it's added soon, as the track effortlessly shows off the group's versatility with flawless vocals and raps, and has tons of potential to become a staple for the group's live shows.


'Shut Down' by BLACKPINK

In September, the No. 1 Billboard 200 charting girl group Blackpink released "Shut Down" and left us completely shook. If "Pink Venom" set the bar, "Shut Down" broke it. The clever use of violin instrumental fits the song perfectly with the message that Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are at a level in their career that cannot be "shut down." We recommend checking out the video as well, which tells its own story while nodding to the group's past music videos.


'[Be Yourself] 'go UP' by Jay B

Jay B has proven time and time again how talented he is not only as a member of GOT7, but also as a solo artist. "[Be Yourself]" showcases his falsetto skills and high-note ability, as well as his vocal range. We really can't help but dance when playing this song.


'Blue' by Jackson Wang

The members of GOT7 dominated our favorite song list this month, with the group's Jackson Wang showing off his softer vocal tone and versatility with  the unforgettable "Blue" from his latest album, Magic Man. He never fails to show his different sides, and we can't wait to see what's next for him.


'Nirvana Girl' by SORN ft. YEEUN

SORN hit up her former CLC group member YEEUN for an epic song titled "Nirvana Girl" that we're absolutely obsessed with. SORN's solo songs have continued to blow us away as she has proved her vocal ability and style and adding YEEUN for a rap part was the icing on the cake for this song.


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