5 Korean Beauty Brands We've Fallen in Love With

Anyone who loves natural or soft, cute makeup has to try Korean beauty.

The products from these makeup brands are known for being light and buildable, making it easy for beginners to use. And if you're anything like us, there's nothing we love more than aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Ahead, we've found five makeup brands we tried—straight from our visit to Seoul. Keep reading to discover the companies you should look out for during your next shopping spree!


Out of all the brands we tried, rom&nd might be our favorite.

Besides having the most adorable packaging, rom&nd is one of the most affordable brands with the best quality we tried in South Korea. Their lip products are unlike any other on the market: they'll last all day and give you the dreamy matte or glossy lip you've seen on TikTok.

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Anyone who likes K-beauty knows how difficult it can be to find an expansive shade range for base products. Luckily, Laneige is offering a solution. In South Korea specifically, Laneige stores create a custom color match in person to create a foundation tailored to you. So, don't miss out on the opportunity while in Seoul!

Beyond foundation, Laneige is known for its hydrating skincare and lip products. They don't offer many products but know that what you buy will be a tried and true, long lasting item in your collection.


Clio Cosmetics

Clio Cosmetics is perfect for giving you dewy or cloud skin. Like Laneige, Clio Cosmetic doesn't have a very large shade range, but they do have some of the best affordable cushion foundations.

However, if you aren't within the shade range, there is still much to love from the brand. They have really spectacular eyeshadow palettes and lip tints.


Dinto Cosmetics

We've heard of the most popular brands like peripera and 3CE, which are both high quality, but there are many hidden gems in South Korea, and Dinto Cosmetics is one of them.

We saw Dinto, and the packaging reminded us of Dior with a dark aesthetic. Now that we've tried it, we can confidently attest that the quality is also similar to a luxury brand. Dinto might be harder to come across if your shopping internationally, but don't pass up the chance to try it if you ever come to Korea.


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Chances are you've probably seen the gorgeous chunky glitter taking East Asian eye makeup looks by storm. Unfortunately, these shadows are hard to find in the United States, but they're everywhere in South Korea.

Of all the brands we've tried, HOLIKA HOLIKA had some of the best chunky glitter. There are so many colors available, and the payout is astonishing. Plus, their palettes (which run for less than $20 USD) often are imprinted with adorable shapes like buttons and seashells.


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