5 Korean Fashion Trends We Want to See in the United States

Coming to South Korea, one of my favorite parts was getting introduced to new fashion trends. For my personal taste, I tend to lean more conservatively, so coming to Korea was like a playground for my style.

If you're similar to me, you must check out Korean fashion. Below, I've gathered five of my most favorite trends that I've seen in Seoul. 

Long Skirts

Slowly but surely, it seems like the United States is catching on to the long skirt trend. However, I often saw these skirts with floral linen panels. In Korea, I found hundreds of denim and nylon skirts. The nylon is especially helpful to stay cool on blazing summer days.


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Dad Sneakers

More than Nike Dunks and Adidas Superstars, Korean fashion features a lot of chunky dad sneakers. These type of sneakers are often considered "ugly" but appreciated for their charming functionality. Think Adidas Astirs and New Balances!


Baggy Everything

I love baggy clothing, but in the United States, it seems like there's usually a combination of a tight top and baggy bottom or vice versa. When I'm walking through Seoul, I saw so many people wearing oversized tops with huge parachute pants. For someone who loves comfort, the baggy trend is everything.


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Bolero Tops

Of all the clothes I found, bolero tops might be my favorite. You've probably seen the infamous Pain or Pleasure knit top that has been worn by all your favorite celebrities and re-hashed at fast fashion shops. The cut of these shirts are very dainty and feminine, so I understand the hype.


Unique Silhouettes

There are so many tops with ties and cut-outs that are unlike anything I've seen in the United States. Using unique silhouettes makes it so easy to turn a basic top into something refined and elevated.


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