7 Lip Balms You Need to Stay Hydrated This Summer

With another scorching hot summer underway, it's important that you stay hydrated—not just by drinking water but also making sure you're keeping your skin safe and moisturized.

However, shopping for the perfect lip balm can be quite the challenge. Some lip balms can dry your lips out, or their ingredients and packaging aren't good for the environment when you throw them out. We've found seven great lip balms that you should know for this summer and beyondcheck out our picks below.

Poppy & Pout Lip Balm: $9.95

Poppy & Pout, founded in 2014, has quickly become one of the leading sustainable lip balm packages. These handmade balms are made with eco-friendly cardboard and only contain natural ingredients of beeswax, plant and fruit oil and vitamin E.

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Rebel's Refinery Ice Cream Refillable Balm: $10

Brands like Aquaphor and Chapstick are great, but there's something about nice packaging that makes using a product more fun. Rebel's Refinery is proof that you can have a lip balm that is both practical and adorable. These refillable lip balms are made of all-natural ingredients and come in biodegradable wheat paste pods in all shapes and colors.


The Crème Shop Multi-Balm: $20

Without a doubt, the Crème Shop has some of the cutest packaging in existence. The entirety of the brand uses 100% cruelty-free production at an affordable price point. There are plenty of moisturizing lip products available, but one of our favorites is the Multi-Balm. Beyond keeping your lips hydrated, you can use this stick on your cheeks to eliminate space in your bag for multiple products.


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Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm: $10

We've been using this tried-and-true lip balm since 2016, and it is one of the most moisturizing ones we've ever bought. On their website, they call their ingredients some of the "best" on the market and have never tested on animals. The Jack Black lip balm feels similar to an emollient, so it's bound to keep your lips feeling hydrated all day (and smelling good if you pick one of their many flavors!).


TONYMOLY Jelly Lip Melt: $12

Beyond keeping your lips hydrated, K-beauty brand TONYMOLY's Jelly Lip Melt will also leave your lips looking plump. The formula is modeled after a bouncy jelly cake that makes for fun packaging and intense moisturizing. There are five delicious scents to choose from, and the blackberry swatch has a buildable tint that you can double as a lipstick for your night out.


Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Gloss: $4.79

Black Radiance is a super affordable, Black-owned makeup company. Despite having some of the best drugstore prices, their quality is the same as most luxury brands, and amongst some of their best products is the Perfect Tone Lip Gloss. Instead of moisturizing your lips, many glosses just sit on top and never absorb, but Black Radiance uses vitamin E to soften your lips and give them a beautiful sheen with their endless swatches.


Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm: $24

Summer Fridays always offers a luxurious experience with extremely high-quality packaging and ingredients. Their Lip Butter Balm is made with shea and murumuru seed butters and vegan wax to leave your lips feeling soft and smooth, but never greasy. This balm is available in neutral shades like brown and pink as well as deep berry and bright red tones.


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