8 White Elephant Gifts That Will Secure Your Spot on the Nice List

If you're familiar with the wild ride that is a white elephant gift exchange, you'll already know how much fun they can be.

However, you'll probably also know how wild they can get—and, of course, how bad some people's gift-giving skills are. Inevitably every year, there's at least one person (if not multiple) in the group who just seem to have not understood the assignment, if you will. Either they try to go a little too funny with their gift and instead just give something that no one wants (and is a total waste of money), or they give something so lackluster that you can't help but wonder if they either re-gifted it or just picked it up from around their house. Needless to say, it's not exactly a pro tip that you don'want to be one of these people when your gift exchange comes around (you might find yourself not invited to the one next year if you are). Instead, secure your spot on the nice list by gifting one of these great white elephant gifts:

These Ridiculously Cute (& Crystal-Infused) Bath Bombs: $12

If you're working with a small budget cap for your gift exchange, you can't go wrong with one of these smell-so-good-you-almost-want-to-eat-them (but please don't) bath bombs from Crystal Bar Soap. Along with their gingerbread shape and smell, they're also infused with carnelian for a boost of confidence and creative energy to go along with all the coziness.

Crystal Bar soap baking pleasures bath bomb

(via Crystal Bar Soap)


This Cheeky 'White Elephant' Scented Candle: $24.95

Self-care gifts tend to be big winners at white elephant exchanges, and this one just so happens to be the kind that pokes fun at itself, too. This "White Elephant" scented candle may claim to smell like "a gift you don't really want," but it actually has a sweet and pleasant smell of peppermint and vanilla to make it a total crowd-pleaser.

Etsy TheCardBureau White Elephant candle

(via TheCardBureau/Etsy)


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A 'Things They Don't Teach You In School' Trivia Game: $23

When it comes to white elephant gifts, there's nothing better than a gift that you can turn around and play right after the exchange is over, and that's exactly what you'll get with this creative card game.Hygge games store things they don't teach you at school


(via Amazon)


A Crepe Maker: $30

By now, most people probably have some kind of waffle maker or other expected gift in their cabinets—but what about a crepe maker? This one from Amazon makes crafting deliciously thin crepes a breeze, so you can rest assured it's a gift that the receiver will actually use.

The Chefman store crepe maker

(via Amazon)


This Nessie-Inspired Tea Infuser: $16.95

The only thing better than sipping on a hot cup of tea when the weather outside is frightful? Sipping on a hot cup of tea made with this adorable baby Nessie (yes, we mean the Loch Ness monster) loose-leaf tea infuser, of course.

Ototo store nessie tea infuser

(via Amazon)


An Everyday Tarot Set: $10.39

If your group is into all things astrology and isn't afraid of trying something a little different to learn more about themselves, this simple set of tarot cards (available on Amazon for around just $10) is the perfect pick.

bridgit esselmont everyday tarot mini deck

(via Amazon)


This Tortilla Blanket: $20

If you're going to go funny with your white elephant gift, at least go with something that's actually useful after the party is over—something like this tortilla blanket, that is. It's a great gift for the humor of it, but it's also super cozy and will allow the wearer to transform into a nice warm burrito on the coldest of winter nights.

Casofu tortilla blanket

(via Amazon)


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A Bonsai Starter Kit: $25

For a truly unique gift that also adds a fun DIY element, go with this bonsai tree starter kit from Amazon. In just a few easy steps, the receiver of this gift can flex their green thumb and enjoy the process of growing their own fantasy realm-worthy bonsais.

planters choice bonsai starter

(via Amazon)


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