The Blush Brunette Is the Très Chic Style Blogger You Need to Follow

We're continuing our quest for Real Girls, Sweet Style from coast-to-coast, and we came across Jordan, an adorably chic 16-year-old Virginia Beach native with très chic style.

Jordan is a high school senior who loves to spend her time thrifting for sweet vintage finds, doing fashion DIYs for her online store called The Blush Brunette Closet, styling creative outfits and filming YouTube videos. She's busy, to say the least!

This blush-loving gal has a penchant for all things pink and Parisian, and has a sartorial sense well beyond her years. Get to know The Blush Brunette below, and don't forget to give her a follow!

Blush Brunette

(via Instagram / @TheBlushBrunette)

Name:  Jordan

IG Handle: @the_blush_brunette

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virgina

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. What's the one moment that made you obsessed with style?

"When I was little I used to sneak into my mother's closet to stare at the racks filled with furs, embellished hats and sweaters. Ever since I discovered that room, I was obsessed with fashion and dreamed of putting together outfits like hers. During my childhood I watched the magic happen as she dressed with such class, style and held herself with unmatched confidence. She brought to life and nurtured my love of fashion, while encouraging me to embrace my personal style."
2. Tell us about your style. Who or what inspires it?
"My style is best described as elegant, vintage and glamorous with a classic twist. I'm always wearing something pink. I gravitate towards bold pieces and am inspired by Gucci and Chanel. Pinterest, Instagram and other fashion bloggers also inspire me to wear certain trends and help develop my own style."
3. Who takes your photos? How long is an average 'photoshoot'?
"My amazing mother and I go on fashion photoshoots each month. She is so talented at capturing the perfect angles and I am thankful that she gives her time to support my blog. A photoshoot typically takes around an hour and I model the three looks I styled the night before."
4. What's your go-to outfit when you're in a rush?
"When I'm in a rush I will typically wear my pink rose gold satin sneakers that have bows on the front, a parisian vintage tee and a light blue washed or blush pair of high waisted jeans. I will also grab my pink quilted purse."
5. What's the best piece of advice you've been given, and from whom?
"The one piece of advice from both of my parents that gave me a wake-up call was, 'Your dream future isn't sitting around waiting for you. You need to create it. Every day do something to get you closer to achieving your goals.' "
6. What's your favorite piece of clothing in your closet and why?
"My favorite piece of clothing in my closet has to be my iconic pink faux fur jacket. I got it six months ago and it is on the front page of my website. It makes me feel luxurious, confident and extremely stylish, paired with my pearl beret and heels, and I wear it all the time to special events and photoshoots."
7. What's one thing you want everyone to know about you? 
"Ever since I learned how to pronounce the word 'couture,' my dream has been to design and start my own fashion label. I draw couture, evening gowns and wedding dresses on my Instagram @j.avery_design. I have sketched four collections worth of gowns, and one day I want to create my own wedding dress. My design accentuates the beauty inherent in every woman. Bold and unique, I want every woman who wears my creations to feel confident, empowered and absolutely stunning. My classic style permeates all of my designs."
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