34 Playful Quotes From The Bob's Burgers Movie to Use as Your Next Instagram Captions

We've been fans of Bob's Burgers since the very beginning, so we couldn't be more excited that the movie musical spectacular The Bob's Burgers Movie is now available to stream on Hulu.

The film has a little bit of everything, from hilarious songs to murder plots,  romances, overcoming fears and even fantasies of horseback riding on the beach, feeling like one perfect, extended episode of the beloved show. If you're loving it as much as we are, keep scrolling for the film's very best quotes to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when you see a bug and you're not happy about it:

"Well that's the first time an exterminator said he's gonna pray for us."

-Linda Belcher


For when something is the opposite of the way it should be:

"That's okay, right? That's not a bad sign."

-Linda Belcher

The Bob's Burgers Movie: The Belchers and Mr. Fischoeder near hole

(The Bob's Burgers Movie via 20th Century Studios)


For the burger that makes everything better:

"Call it your, 'Keep Your Sunny Side Up and Your Cloudy Side Down, Stay Positive, Bobby, Things Are Gonna Be Okay Burger.'"

-Linda Belcher


For when you have big plans for summer vacation:

"Only one more week of school and then I'm Summer Tina. And big things are comin' for Summer Tina."

-Tina Belcher


For when your anxiety hasn't been kind to your tummy:

"Another day I give myself a little diarrhea from the worry and the stressin' and the hopin'."

-"Sunny Side Up Summer," Bob Belcher


For when you decide this is going to be your best summer ever:

"It's gonna be the sunny side up summer of our lives."

-"Sunny Side Up Summer," Bob and Linda Belcher


For when you're crushing hard on someone:

"Every time I see him, oh, my heart, it does a crazy little dance."

-"Sunny Side Up Summer," Tina Belcher


For when you're desperate to have that person reciprocate your feelings:

"I think that this is real, what I feel, and if he could feel it too, well then that would be ideal."

-"Sunny Side Up Summer," Tina Belcher


For the shot of you and your cute summer fling:

"I'd like for you to be my summer boyfriend."

-"Sunny Side Up Summer," Tina Belcher


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For when things are more complicated than they seem on the surface:

"Yep, that's right, no big deal. I'm not hiding what I feel."

-"Sunny Side Up Summer," Louise Belcher


For when everything starts making sense:

"And that is the breakthrough we've been looking for."

-Gene Belcher


For when you've never been cozier:

"I'm scared of how comfortable I am over here."

-Louise Belcher


For flaunting your wild side:

"I'll show you rabies!"

-Louise Belcher


For the pic with all of your favorite things:

"This is a perfect day. All my favorite stuff in one place."

-Tina Belcher


For when you'd really like to postpone the inevitable:

"All those in favor of doing this tomorrow morning?"

-Tina Belcher

The Bob's Burgers Movie: The Belcher family looking shocked watching TV

(The Bob's Burgers Movie via 20th Century Studios)


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For being dramatic about an inconvenient experience:

"Let's just be clear. I tasted death."

-Louise Belcher


For when reality hits you like a ton of bricks:

"I think that maybe Dreamy Bob is dumb and Droopy Bob just kinda sees things the way they are."

-Bob Belcher


For when being tossed into the real world is a rude awakening:

"I miss school. I'm feeling suddenly like I love fractions."

-Gene Belcher

The Bob's Burgers Movie: Gene, Louise and Tina sneaking around on the pier

(The Bob's Burgers Movie via 20th Century Studios)


For when your hamburger looks too good not to post online:

"Fresh hot burgers! Sexy burgers!"

-Linda Belcher


For when it's time to start thinking with your head:

"Get your head out of your boobs."

-Louise Belcher


For when you and your besties are hugging it out:

"Sorry, can you give us a sec? We just need to hug."

-Louise Belcher


For when you're having ice cream for breakfast:

"We can get ice cream any time we want."

-Calvin Fischoeder


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For when you're worried you're being shallow:

"What if I'm just letting a butt lead my heart down a dead-end road?"

-Tina Belcher


For when people have started treating you differently:

"Why are you looking at me like that? Like I farted?"

-Grover Fischoeder


For laying out a strategy that probably won't work out the way you want it to:

"Would you like to hear my master plan?"

-Grover Fischoeder


For when you're ready to get up to some mischief:

"I'm not that evil, but I'm feeling evil today."

-Grover Fischoeder


For when things go terribly awry:

"This is my nightmare. We're living my nightmare."

-Bob Belcher

The Bob's Burgers Movie: Belcher family screaming in clam car

(The Bob's Burgers Movie via 20th Century Studios)


For when you're trying too hard to prove your courage:

"If you're brave, you don't have to prove you're brave. You just ARE brave."

-Louise Belcher


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For the pic of the person who's always there to give you a pep talk:

"No, you never give up. I give up. And then you say, 'don't give up.' And I say, 'okay,' and then we do that over and over."

-Bob Belcher


For the shot of all the people you adore most:

"I love all you mama-jamas."

-Gene Belcher

The Bob's Burgers Movie: Teddy and the Belchers watching on the pier at night

(The Bob's Burgers Movie via 20th Century Studios)


For when you survive something scary:

"We're gonna live, la, la, la."

-Calvin and Felix Fischoeder


For looking on the brighter side:

"Maybe you should be un-stop-timistic about it."

-Bob Belcher


For the best pic of you dancing:

"Yeah, shake those little burger buns."

-Gene Belcher


For when you decide you believe in love:

"Maybe there's only no romance in the world if you believe there's no romance in the world."

-Tina Belcher

The Bob's Burgers Movie: Tina talks to Jimmy Jr.

(The Bob's Burgers Movie via 20th Century Studios)


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